Professional audio systems

In the world of commercial wireless audio solutions, good business depends on transmitting and receiving high-quality sound reliably so that those listening can hear clearly and comfortably.

Build on our proven platform – customize it to stand out from the crowd

The market for pro audio solutions is ever-expanding. New application areas arise, and existing ones convert to modern digital wireless. Based on a long track record in wireless audio, RTX provides stand-out solutions taking you to the forefront of technical innovation.

Designed with the performance requirements, energy efficiency, and ease of integration in mind, RTX makes it easy for you to provide unique quality and professional-grade wireless audio devices for your customers.

We help you get attractive professional audio solutions to market faster, with less hassle for your company, and at a lower investment. RTX helps and enables you to add customer value as well as new capabilities and features to your pro audio product portfolio by building a roadmap for future improvements.

This enables you to make the most of market opportunities with resilient wireless connectivity that allows you to focus on distinctive product characteristics. If you wish, you can opt to use RTX’s automated ISO-certified facilities for manufacturing and assembly work. This ensures you – and your customers – consistently high quality, with full documentation and logistical transparency.

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Connecting multiple devices at once

Our professional audio systems provide solutions for connecting multiple devices at once. A system with numerous options for necessary connection models with adaptive radio that intelligently avoid interference.

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A wireless solution for any professional audio setting

Our systems are easy to integrate into your existing company’s products and systems. Tailor products to address your customer needs on the foundation of a proven platform from RTX.

When you need the optimal sound quality in products
for professional environments, our unique capabilities
help you raise the bar

  • Resilient wireless connectivity
  • Low Latency
  • High Capacity
  • Zero-distortion High Quality Audio
  • Patented methods for coping with harsh environments

Professional audio systems in your preferred industry

Live events and studio

Our professional audio systems are specially designed to meet the needs of live performance and studio.

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Content creation

Our professional audio systems enable your content creation products with optimal quality and features.

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Gaming and e-sport

Systems designed to meet the needs for low latency and high-quality audio in of professional gaming.

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Custom build

We provide professional audio systems for a range of industries. We will help realize your product idea.

Our custom build solutions
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Your wireless sound success delivered by RTX

Our wireless pro audio systems are designed and delivered as market-compliant modules that you can quickly and easily integrate into your company’s own products and systems.

Easy-to-integrate modules

Take your products to the next level with RTX wireless modules

We enable you to deliver the high-quality products your customers demand and expect by providing easy-to-integrate modules or turnkey product solutions.

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