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Offices and Call centers

RTX provide wireless solutions specially developed for offices and call centers so you can offer a flexible, scalable system with superior audio quality and full mobility.

RTX solutions for offices and call centers

In offices and call centers, some of the most essential features for an effective workflow are easy-to-use devices that seamlessly connect while moving around – or even workplace - providing crystal clear voice regardless of how noisy the environment.

With an RTX solution for use in places like offices, banks, public buildings, public-sector administration, etc., you can offer your customers a flexible, scalable system, with special features and capabilities:

  • Seamless scalability
  • Cloud-enabled solution, if required
  • Ideal for increasingly popular remote working
  • Headsets featuring exceptional comfort for wearing all day long
  • Effective noise-canceling capabilities

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When mobility is key

Complete VoIP integration gives full mobility by extending the coverage area, allowing the user to leave the work desk or switch between wireless handsets and headsets while maintaining ongoing calls.

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Dealing with noisy environments

Our headsets included in our solutions for offices provide effective noise-canceling capabilities. Designed with ANC and ENC to remove unwanted and disturbing noise, providing the headset user and the receiving party the best possible audio experience.

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Always connected

In today’s modern world, the need for total workplace flexibility is a must. With RTX solutions, we break down barriers so the user always stays linked to calls and devices - at the office, on the go, or at home.

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Check out how our enterprise systems can be specially designed in scalable systems for offices and call centers to match your offering.

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