Intercom systems

At RTX, we provide direct, clear, and reliable communication in our intercom systems, solving challenges in many different industries.

Wireless opportunities for intercom products

We develop and design wireless technology to solve intercom communication challenges in many different areas. All so that you can offer communication systems to your preferred industries where direct, clear, and reliable communication, despite the environment, is vital.

By providing excellent audio and radio performance, our intercom systems ensure high-quality communication for both portable and installed systems. Allowing you to match your customer's needs whether the solution is to be deployed in a confined geographical area or a wide area having users split up.

The greater the signal intensity in any given location or working environment, the more RTX’s resilient radio technology helps products stand out for sound quality, user experience, and operations-critical reliability.

The RTX development and delivery approach considerably reduces your commercial risk right across the board and helps ensure the necessary approvals and certification as quickly as possible. This gives you substantial time-to-market advantages and a key competitive edge.

Various deployment options

We provide intercom systems with various deployment options depending on the user scenario. From singlecell to multicell systems for small and large fixed setups and dynamic self-establishing systems that work independently and without geographical boundaries.

High-quality performance in any setting

We optimize and develop wireless communication for portable and installed intercom systems. Our solutions provide real-time communication with full-duplex audio and exceptional speech clarity.

By deploying an RTX solution, you can focus on the implementation of your product signatures without having to become an expert in radio technology. By choosing RTX as a technology partner, you gain technologies that are field-tested and proven by professionals. It enables you to tap into the present and future radio and audio technologies.

Our unique capabilities in this specialist field give you an agile, effective way to expand your product portfolio 

  • Reduce risks and investment in your product development work
  • Strengthen your product performance
  • Update and improve your existing products and add new features and capabilities
  • Tailor products to address your customer needs on the foundation of a proven platform
  • Design and configure your products to meet constantly changing market requirements, regulatory changes, and technology developments
  • Establish planned feature roadmaps developed, trialed, and validated by RTX

Systems designed to meet the industry needs

Industry and construction

Our intercom systems are designed to meet the needs of direct, clear, and reliable communication in many different settings.

Industry and construction

Custom build

We provide intercom systems for a range of industries. Let us help you realize your product idea.

Custom Build
Your wireless success delivered by RTX

Our wireless intercom system is offered for the 1.9GHz DECT frequency band using the RTX1090 communication module. Enabling you to quickly and easily integrate the solution into your company’s own products and systems.

Easy-to-integrate modules

Take your products to the next level with RTX wireless modules

Our wireless systems can be based on market-compliant modules that get you to market faster, with less hassle for your company.

Learn about RTX modules