Conference systems

At RTX, we provide resilient radio technology with exceptional audio clarity. The technology to solve communication challenges for you who offer conference systems.

Benefit from our know-how – make the product uniquely yours

At RTX, we develop and design wireless conference solutions for small to large conference systems. Our solutions bring meeting participants closer together through secure conference communication.

We help you get commercially and technically attractive conference solutions to market faster, with less hassle for your company, and at a lower investment. RTX enables you to add your own company value as well as new capabilities and features to your conference deliverables.

With an RTX system, you can make the most of market opportunities with resilient wireless connectivity worth carrying your brand name and the distinctive product characteristics that make it truly yours.

If you wish, you can opt to use RTX’s automated ISO-certified facilities for manufacturing and assembly work. This ensures you – and your customers – consistently high quality, with full documentation and logistical transparency.

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Multiple configurations

Our solutions provide a superior conference experience via terminals connected to one or more base stations. The solution can be deployed in two primary configurations: a high-quality configuration focusing on best-in-class audio quality or a high-density configuration focusing on having numerous simultaneous active microphones on the system.

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Various features and add-ons

For increased audience participation and improved meeting experience, our solution supports various management features and add-ons including language interpretation channels, request to speak, and voting features for engaging the audience in live voting conferences.

Tap into the present and future technologies

By choosing RTX as a technology partner, you gain technologies that are field-tested and proven by professionals, and it enables you to tap into the present and future radio and audio technologies. We focus on quality solutions that are easily updatable so that they are compatible with future product generations. This provides you with good opportunities for extending product lifetimes.

Get in on substantial time-to-market commercial advantages and a key competitive edge

  • Raise the bar on sound quality in professional environments – where it counts
  • Strengthen and expand your product portfolios
  • Get your products to market faster – so you can hit even narrow windows of commercial opportunity
  • Provide products that are ideal for use in signal-intensive environments

Systems designed to meet the industry needs

Venues and Conference

Our conference systems are specially designed to meet the needs of the venues and conference industry.

Venues and Conference

Custom build

We provide conference systems for a range of industries. Let us help you realize your product idea.

Custom Build
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Your wireless success delivered by RTX

Our wireless conference system is offered for the 1.9GHz DECT frequency band using the RTX1090 communication module. Enabling you to quickly and easily integrate the solution into your company’s own products and systems.

Easy-to-integrate modules

Take your products to the next level with RTX wireless modules

Our wireless systems can be based on market-compliant modules that get you to market faster, with less hassle for your company.

Learn about RTX modules

Conference Product Sheet

RTX Conference Product Sheet V002

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