Enterprise systems

Focusing on making sure all the component systems integrate seamlessly and reliably, we design, develop and manufacture wireless IP telephony products and sub-systems that include headsets, handsets, base stations, repeaters, location gateways, and advanced cloud-based tools.

Systems for any enterprise setting

We make it easy for you to provide better wireless communication solutions for your customers – in places like offices, call centers, retail operations, healthcare facilities, and public buildings, and in even the most demanding commercial and industrial environments where equipment certified as explosion-proof and water-proof is crucial.

Our enterprise systems give modular, scalable, and cost-effective solutions tailored to provide effective, reliable wireless communication in whichever areas of a building, structure, or facility it’s needed. This can be with any number of floors, built of any material, and featuring any particular configuration — indoors and out, stationary, mobile, or flexible.

Each enterprise system can be configured with a comprehensive selection of base stations, headsets, and handsets for unique requirements. Location gateways and repeaters make it easy to strengthen and extend coverage throughout any designated space – large or small. Over large areas and multiple floors, regardless of complex structures or signal-hindering materials – and including outdoor areas, if required.

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Wireless communication systems for any requirements

Our systems are modular, scalable solutions that we configure so you can provide reliable, high-quality wireless communication in pretty much any commercial environment. All the devices – repeaters, handsets, headsets, location gateways, etc. – are reliably linked via distributed base stations. This eliminates poor audio or calls dropping out when people move around.

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Scalable as needed

We provide a complete range of customizable enterprise systems, ideal for small and medium enterprises with single and dual-cell setups that ensure reliable coverage for as many as 20 users, as well as large enterprise multicell setups with 15000+ users at the same time. Making the overall system and its capabilities easily scalable to meet your customers’ exact needs.

Our unique capabilities provide you with a reliably, hassle-free system matching your needs

We provide the know-how, services, and specialist capabilities that help you win contracts for forward-thinking enterprise wireless communication installations. It’s your choice to meet your customers’ exact needs.

  • Scalable to changing requirements

  • Connections never drop out

  • High audio quality – everywhere

  • Easy integration with other systems and hardware

Systems designed to meet the industry needs

Matching your industry

We help you make big things possible in enterprise wireless communication in offices, call centres, retail operations, healthcare facilities, public buildings and many other.

Find your industry

Custom build

We provide wireless communication systems for a range of industries. Let us help you realize your product idea.

Custom Build
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Integrate with your existing system

We integrate capabilities and systems from our enterprise communication solution with virtually any other existing systems. We can configure the many available systems, components, and features to gel seamlessly with any of your customers’ proprietary and legacy setups, brand-specific designs, and functionalities, as well as with existing in-service communication hardware.

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The right technology

Our experts work with you and your teams to design, engineer and manufacture wireless solutions based on technologies that currently include VoIP, LTE, DECT, 2G4, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth™ and CAT-iq™. You select the exact mix of capabilities and benefits you need for your particular practical and commercial priorities.

Get a user-friendly cloud-based system

Better support and less bother with our cloud-based platform

The RTX Cloud Services platform provides you with a series of easy-to-use online tools featuring services for the cost-effective administration, deployment, monitoring, site management, and tracking of enterprise wireless installations of any size.

Learn about Cloud Services