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We have optimized wireless technology to solve communication challenges in many different areas, allowing our customers to offer communication systems to the industries they prefer.

We provide customizable solutions for every industry

We make it easy for you to provide optimal wireless communication solutions for your customers. You can select the degree of customization and exclusivity you want or need to give you the best chances of winning any specific tenders. 

RTX provide solutions for a range of industries including demanding commercial and industrial environments where equipment certified as explosion-proof and water-proof is crucial or for hectic high-density settings where audio quality and reliable connections are vital.

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Let us be the tech expert you need

RTX has been a leading expert in the wireless communications field for 18 years. We focus on one key technology and the ability to integrate this with everything else. All so that our customers can offer communication systems to industries, such as hospitality, industry, security, emergency, education, sport, and many others.

The right solution for your offering

Let’s find the right solution for your company

Contact our sales team today, and we will help and guide with creating the wireless communication solution you need.

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