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RTX wireless technology solutions

RTX as the preferred partner for wireless technology solutions. We innovate, design, and manufacture wireless communication solutions in partnership with our customers. We deliver customized solutions across industries that complement, strengthen, and lift our customer's total portfolio –in performance or into a new category.

What we deliver

We strengthen our customers’ positioning by delivering ‘turn-key’ customized solutions, that make a difference in the market

Based on our expert knowledge of wireless technology and our ability to apply this to our customers business needs, we create unique and customized solutions. Every solution with each customers’ specific feature signatures integrated with their technology – all designed to meet the ambition of their portfolio and brand. And always with full protection of customer’s IP rights and project confidentiality.

We take our customers from concept and design to production with full product lifecycle management. Our way of work includes sparring, inspiration, and innovation, based on insights and expert knowledge within wireless communication technology – to help define and differentiate their brand.

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Technology is commoditized at an ever-increasing speed

We invest in understanding the trends in the market and knowing the end-users needs and how wireless communication technology can be utilized to meet these needs most effectively.

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Delivering robust solutions and creating strong partnerships

We are driven by robust solutions and strong partnerships with our customers through an open and straightforward dialog as well as optimizing wireless technology in their product portfolios. We aim to strengthen our customers’ position in the market by delivering ‘turn-key’ customized solutions that combine our wireless technology knowledge with their needs.

How we work

Our distinctive risk-reduction way of working means we provide solutions that can deliver faster and wholly on-spec, with appropriate quality and reliability guarantees, and with a minimum of practical difficulties and technical glitches. Drawing on our world-leading know-how and practical implementation experience, we help keep to budgets and delivery schedules – and keep our customers' customers happy, both on delivery and after.

Concepts and planning

We help you by focusing on the core “why” of the whole project. We guide you and your team to the ideal solution based on the specific functionality and usability needs, considering the level of technical and conceptual ambition. We are the recognized world leader in this highly specialized field. Therefore, we can provide you with a lot of unique know-how about market preferences and the pipeline of different technologies – including those you may not be aware of.

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Design and specifications

Our experts work with your team to define the system and product expectations in terms of technical properties and your customer’s specific requirements – including sound quality, signal range, drop test specifications, etc. We frame the technologies and mechanical elements to ensure the solution can be manufactured, shipped, assembled, and installed at a specified cost.

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Development and integration

The development work covers both software and hardware and takes place in accordance with the agreed specifications. We work closely with your experts to integrate the new solution and new feature sets into your overall package of deliverables and products. If it helps, we can also assist you in making sure the new system works with your customer’s proprietary functionalities and legacy communication systems.

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Testing and verification

We give you access to comprehensive simulation and testing of both software and hardware. We enable you to be 100% sure that the systems you’re delivering to your customer match the specifications and comply with all necessary standards and regulations with appropriate certification and documentation. You can then be sure equipment and complete systems work as expected, giving the necessary guarantees and warranties about functionality and product quality.

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Manufacturing and logistics

In many of our solutions, we offer to provide manufacturing setups and production partnerships in three locations, each featuring specific capabilities with regard to output and automation. You can select the RTX manufacturing location that makes the best business sense for your specific contract terms, delivery schedules, and practical needs.

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Post-sales support, service, and repair

RTX makes sure you have everything you need to market, sell and support the solution, including the necessary follow-up with maintenance, new feature sets, service and repair agreements, etc. If you wish, we can also help you frame new commercial opportunities by subsequently expanding the design range and capabilities portfolio to meet future customer needs and market opportunities.

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We are experts at applying our specialist know-how to integrating multiple technologies and systems

The RTX business model gives our customers maximum access to our unique R&D resources, specialist know-how, and collaborative configuration strengths. Resulting in the best possible commercial results for our customers. We help reduce the complexity and engineering challenges of developing, delivering, and installing new systems.

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