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Secure facilities

RTX has developed communications systems for specific use in secure facilities ensuring information is transmitted and stored securely.

RTX solutions for secure facilities

For companies working within highly secure facilities, handling confidential information is crucial. We have developed communications systems to enable our customers with the right solutions to offer this industry.

Special features and capabilities for use in high-security facilities such as prisons, detention centers, military and law enforcement premises, etc. include:

  • Access monitoring and control capabilities
  • Location tracking
  • Special emergency-situation functions to ensure those alerted arrive
  • Alarm button on handsets
  • Man-down alarms

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Information transmitted and stored securely

Whether it is prisons, detention centers, military, law enforcement premises, or other secure facilities, securely transmitted, information is needed. With our solutions, we enable you to be compliant with laws and obligations for how to handle these often very complex security demands.

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Critical functions in high-security environments

In secure facilities, alarming is a critical function. Combined with alarm services enabling the personnel group always to be able to press the alarm key, ensuring alerted staff will arrive to support emergencies. In addition, location gateways are used for locating patients, workers, and equipment and for access control.

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