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In hospitality, communication is key when employees cover expansive square footage across floors and rooms. Coordinating and keeping up with daily tasks are essential for an effective workday and excellent customer service.

RTX solutions for hospitality

In RTX, we understand the needs and challenges of the industries, which is why our wireless systems are built to help the people who use the systems and products daily perform at their best. Regardless of the task, our flexible, scalable, and customizable systems can ensure the right solution for your use case.

RTX develop and design solutions for use in the hospitality industry. Regardless of the size and complexity, our systems are created to handle your customer's needs.

Special features and capabilities ideal for use in hospitality industry facilities such as cruise liners, hotels, guest houses, catered accommodation, etc. include:

  • Managing day-to-day work by messaging between handsets and systems
  • Providing both business-critical and service-critical functions
  • Headsets and handsets that enable many different personnel groups to work wirelessly while on the move
  • Ruggedized handsets for use by maintenance staff
  • DECT messaging to announce ”rooms ready for guests”, etc.
  • Can be automatically adjusted to work with different local frequency bands

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Keep the team connected

Call other users effortlessly straight from the headset or handset, keeping each user connected to the team at all times. Making it easy to instantly coordinate with the rest of the team to ensure all messages are received by the right person – from the waiter to the kitchen, from the lobby to the cleaning staff, and from the front desk to the doorman/valet.

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Coordination on the move made easy

Ensure quality service with the flexibility to route incoming calls and act instantly by seamlessly moving around without ever losing connection. Make and receive calls, reports, or alerts with RTX handsets integrated into the customers’ existing infrastructure.

Get the right solution

Check out how our intercom systems work and the many options to create just the right system for your offering.

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Our Enterprise systems can be used in hospitality settings depending on our needs. Check out how our enterprise systems work, and contact our sales team - we'll help you find the right solution.

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Suggested Products

Send, receive and respond to calls and massages while on the move with products suggested for hospitality system solutions. 

Use case examples


RTX has delivered the technology behind a large range of different solutions installed in hotels all over the world. Whether it is the cleaning staff about to report in ”rooms ready for guests”, it is the janitor using a ruggedized handset doing maintenance work, or the front desk using their seamlessly connected headset to move around the building coordinating the daily work, the RTX enterprise system easily connects all in one solution.

Cruise liners

RTX has developed solutions that can accommodate the need to be mobile on a large scale and not be connected with the mainland. Creating a global solution that ensures cordless DECT handsets work when sailing between various continents and changing the region’s frequency band.

When working on a ship at that scale involving service, security, maintenance, and engine work, the most essential is a wireless system that never loses the connection. But just as important for the staff on deck is a stylish business hand- or headset, and in the engine room, a functional ruggedized product design.