Home Insights Increased Mobility with RTX Wireless Headsets through DECT Integration

Increased Mobility with RTX Wireless Headsets through DECT Integration

In today's dynamic work environment, mobility and flexibility are paramount for efficient office space utilization and enhanced productivity. RTX Wireless Headsets now offer seamless integration via the RTX Dual/Multicell IP DECT system, providing a solution to the challenges of desk-bound work and limited mobility.

The situation: Modern Workplace Challenge

In the modern workplace, mobility is not just a convenience; it's a necessity. How often have an employee felt tied to their desk during an important call, unable to move freely, or access essential documents located in another part of the office building? These constraints not only hinder efficiency but also limit the overall work experience.

The solution: A Seamless system

RTX Wireless Headsets have addressed this challenge by seamlessly integrating with the RTX Dual/Multicell IP DECT system. This integration allows the user to break free from the confines of their desk, offering a newfound level of mobility within the workplace. The key to this increased mobility lies in the registration of the Wireless Headset base station on the IP DECT base stations, enabling a smooth transition and seamless handover between a single-point wireless headset base station at the desk and the IP DECT Multicell system implemented in the office building.

The new features offered by RTX with RTX Wireless Headsets allow customers to extend the capabilities of their existing DECT setup and system. This means more versatile usage of the customers’ existing DECT system and workspace, accommodating a wider range of scenarios and needs.

The impact: Unlocking New Call Scenarios

This innovation provides a multitude of benefits and expands possibilities. With RTX Wireless Headsets, you can move freely from your desk to a meeting room or any other part of your workspace without interrupting your ongoing call. This level of flexibility is a game-changer for those who need to stay connected while on the move. The integration encourages employees to use meeting rooms and collaborative spaces more effectively.

In conclusion, the RTX Wireless Headsets with DualCell/Multicell systems are a significant step toward improving workplace mobility and productivity. By breaking the shackles of a stationary desk and enabling seamless handover between different zones of the workspaces, RTX has opened the door to new possibilities for call scenarios and workplace flexibility. Embrace the future of work with RTX Wireless Headsets and transform the way employees communicate and collaborate.