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RTX provide solutions for warehouse and storage facilities, ensuring reliable, easy, and hassle-free wireless communication linked in a modular, scalable system with extensive indoor and outdoor coverage.

RTX solutions for logistic and storage

In warehouse and storage facilities, everyday tasks depend on reliable communication. Being able to reach staff indoor and outdoor, easy access alarming, coordinate in teams via calls and massaging – all in one user-friendly device.

RTX provide solutions developed to meet the needs for easy, hassle-free wireless communication linked in a modular, scalable system. All the devices  – repeaters, handsets, headsets, etc. – are reliably linked via distributed base stations that work indoors and outdoor. This eliminates poor audio or calls dropping out when people move around.

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Systems in every scale

We provide a complete range of customizable solutions, ideal for large enterprises with 15000+ users at the same time. The overall system and its capabilities are easily scalable to meet your customers’ exact needs, covering large areas and multiple floors, regardless of complex structures or signal-hindering materials – and including outdoor areas, if required.

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Products that suit user needs

RTX communication solutions include wireless hand- and headsets, connecting staff via crystal clear voice and safety features. From ruggedized handsets with belt clip design, and features such as text messaging and pull-cord alarm features for ”lone worker” safety, to RTX wireless headsets enabling hands-free operations and receiving voice commands.

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Check out how our enterprise systems are customizable to provide you with the optimal wireless communication solutions for warehouse, logistic, and storage facilities.

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Our systems for warehouse and storage facilities include products ensuring reliable and hassle-free communication with extensive coverage.