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Planning with the RTX Cloud Services solution

Reduce cost and enhance work efficiency by using the cloud platform to plan, deploy, and administrate a broad selection of DECT products.

The situation: Customers request a tool to plan installation of DECT solutions

For a new project installing DECT solutions in a medium to large site with expansion options into multiple buildings a detailed sales quotation and installation plan is needed. The site is an office space with nearby industrial buildings for production.

Installing DECT successfully requires knowledge of the building and floor plan. To succeed in the best way possible the customer needs access to an “easy to use” tool to support sales engineers building the sites and to create a competitive sales quotation and deployment report with the expected number of DECT base stations required for complete DECT coverage.

The solution: RTX DECT planning tool

RTX DECT planning tool is an intuitive cloud-based tool part of RTX Cloud Services solution, where users, based on a simple floor plan, can reconstruct buildings by placing walls, windows, doors, elevator shafts, etc. Users can choose to design the DECT network by placing base stations and defining user traffic zones themselves or let the tool automatically produce a simulation of the DECT network coverage by selecting the auto-deployment functionality. Once the user is satisfied with the network coverage, they can generate a deployment report including:

  • Number of needed base stations and repeaters
  • Floor plans with coverage overlay and inter-base signal strength
  • Probe points with the simulated signal strength

The impact: Cost-effective online platform

The impact of using the RTX DECT planning tool as part of RTX Cloud Services is great in several ways:

  • Users do not need to be experts to use the planning tool, which means with minimal training, the current staff can easily create building plans and prepare quotations for their customers. By creating the building plans in-house and even automating the process the quotation turnaround time is significantly improved.
  • The planning tool helps create more accurate building plans and therefore less time is spent on correcting errors. Furthermore, this cut the presales travel expenses as they do not need to do on-site inspections before creating quotations.
  • After the end-customer accepted the offer, technicians could use the generated report to compare the simulated signal strength against the actual measurements taken after system installation. This accelerated the handover of the system to the end customer.

The planning tool in RTX Cloud Services solution reduces costs, enhances work efficiency, saves time and hassle as well as ensures that the customers get the best possible service and support.