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Acting responsibly towards all the Group's stakeholders is a core value in the way RTX defines and implements its strategic objectives and action plans

Corporate Social Responsibility

Acting responsibly towards all the Group's stakeholders is a core value in the way we define and implement strategic objectives and action plans.

RTX has adopted the UN's 10 principles of social responsibility and they form the basis for our internal and external conduct. By adopting the UN Global Compact, RTX affirms that the Group supports and enacts these principles.

Communication on Progress Report

RTX's commitment to the principles of social responsibility regarding human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption as outlined in the UN's Global Compact obligates RTX's leadership to submit an annual report known as the Communication on Progress (CoP) Report. It describes actions taken by the Group in the past year to improve its performance on these issues as well as development and goals for current year.


RTX Sustainability Report 2022-23

PDF | 3.09 mb


RTX Cop Report 2021-22

PDF | 3.99 mb


RTX Cop Report 2020-21

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Code of Conduct for Suppliers

Code of Conduct for Suppliers

Corporate sustainability starts with a company's value system and a principled approach to doing business. As RTX is committed to fulfilling its obligations to the UN Global Compact so is its responsibility of choosing suppliers who observe these same principles. For this reason, RTX has formalized a code of conduct for its suppliers whose aim is to guide the business relationships between RTX and its suppliers.

Download RTX Code of Conduct for Suppliers

Conflict Minerals Policy

Conflict Minerals Policy

USA, EU and Australia among others are taking initiatives to ensure minerals from the eastern portion of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (known as 'The Conflict Region') are not used by the electronics industry by requesting companies to practice reasonable due diligence with their supply chain. RTX fully supports these goals and initiatives as outlined in our RTX Conflict Minerals Policy. Download via the link below.

Download Conflict Minerals Policy

Environment, Health and Safety

RTX recognizes the need for an environmentally sustainable development and is committed to meeting or exceeding regulatory requirements within environment, health and safety areas. This means that RTX constantly looks for ways to develop environmentally friendly solutions and prefers that suppliers follow the same path. Additionally, RTX complies with the principles set by the RoHS and WEEE directives.

 RTX focuses on:

  • Minimizing energy consumption
  • Minimizing material intensity in products and services
  • Prolonging the sustainability of products
  • Minimizing hazardous substances in products and composing processes

Quality Assurance

ISO 9001 Certificate

Quality management is a main focus at RTX. In 2002, RTX joined the elite ranks of companies with an ISO 9001 Certified Quality Management System. In 2008 our HK office obtained the certification, and in 2017 we have obtained a Group Management System Certificate:

Download ISO 9001 Certificate RTX 2023

ATEX certification

In 2017 our HK office obtained ATEX certification:

Download ATEX Certificate RTX HK 2022

IECEx certification

In 2017 our HK office obtained IECEx certification:

Download IECEx Certificate RTX HK 2022

UKEX certification

In 2022 our HK office obtained UKEX certification:

Download UKEX Certificate RTX HK 2022