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At RTX, we provide the crucial wireless communication infrastructure that you can embed seamlessly and reliably into a broad spectrum of high-tech medical devices, including multi-parametric patient monitoring.

Right data, right time, right place – reliably

In healthcare, it’s crucial to know exactly what’s happening with each patient – and to be informed as soon as the patient’s condition changes. Better awareness and more reliable data about a patient’s condition pave the way to more cost-effective deployment of healthcare resources, as well as more effective care.

Those using healthcare technology in these markets often depend heavily on the wireless transfer of key data about patients, pulled in from increasing numbers of devices, monitoring sensors and other appropriate data points.

Modern healthcare technology opens up new vistas for patient mobility and independence, and for hospital patient monitoring as well as treatment. We make it easy for you to provide better patient monitoring solutions and devices for your customers, based on RTX’s stand-out technological capabilities, constant technical innovation, effective systems design and engineering, and functionality.

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Add value, new capabilities, and features

RTX helps and enables you to add value, new capabilities, and features to your healthcare monitoring products, enabling you to deploy reliable, radio-resilient wireless connectivity that leverages your company’s own capabilities and distinctive product characteristics. We use ISO 13485-certified automated production facilities that ensure consistently high quality.

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Advanced wireless data solutions

RTX provides you with the most advanced wireless data solutions currently available in the protected WMTS and ISM communication spectra. WMTS-based and WMTS-optimized products have become the de facto install-and-forget wireless standard in high-acuity operating settings, and are pivotal for effective patient monitoring in all aspects of healthcare.

Your gateway to effectively implementing wireless healthcare products and capabilities

The modular wireless healthcare solutions that RTX provides are designed, manufactured, assembled, and delivered as compatible, standards-compliant modules that you can quickly and easily integrate into your own products and systems. As a result, we help you get commercially and technically attractive healthcare solutions to market faster and at a lower cost.

Specially designed to meet the industry needs

Healthcare and Hospitals

Our healthcare systems are specially designed to meet the needs of the hospital and the healthcare industry in general.

Healthcare and Hospitals

Custom build

We provide solutions for a range of industries. Contact us, and we will help realize your product idea.

Our custom build solutions

Building wireless opportunities into modern healthcare services

We provide the technical know-how and product configuration resources that enable you to leverage your company’s own capabilities into the wireless world with new healthcare products and services that ensure more effective patient care and greater patient mobility.

RTX capabilities help you enter completely new fields for products and services based on ideas that include “patient freedom” and “health monitoring anywhere”, and provide opportunities for the greater use of wearable monitoring equipment, faster transitioning from hospital to home, better treatment outcomes and a faster ROI for your customers.

This considerably reduces your commercial risk and helps pave the way to relatively fast compliance approval and certification. This, in turn, gives you short time-to-market commercial advantages and a key competitive edge.

  • Get your products to market faster, to hit even narrow windows of commercial opportunity

  • Reduce the risk involved in product development – and the costs in your product development work

  • Strengthen and expand your product portfolios

  • Support devices in FDA classes 2 and 3

  • Strengthen product capabilities/performance, in-service reliability, etc.

  • Tailor your products to specific tech specs and contractual requirements

  • Design and configure your products to meet constantly changing market requirements, regulatory changes, and technology developments

Let us drive your healthcare products to new cloud based capabilities

Effective, modular wireless systems

RTX provides an effective, modular wireless system that can drive your products to new capabilities. We can help you get the right solution for your offering.

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Cloud Services by RTX provides a full set of online widgets

Our cloud-based platform provides a full set of online widgets seamlessly integrating devices into one cloud-based solution.

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