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Improving Teamwork Efficiency

Enhance work efficiency and save time by letting the wireless communication setup adapt to the location and role of team members.

Husqvarna and RTX

Husqvarna AB Forest & Garden Division specializes in products and solutions serving residential owners and professionals in shaping green spaces. Husqvarna as a company has a history of more than three centuries. In collaboration with RTX, Husqvarna launched a new wireless communication system.

The situation: Relevant and robust team communication over longer distances

Husqvarna was looking for a wireless communication technology that would help realize their product vision for a team communication system for arborists and tree care professionals. The key to product success was to support team communication over longer distances while being able to prioritize relevant communication, thus allowing teams to work more efficiently than any communication system of today would allow them.

"When TeamEngage is up and running, it has outstanding performance on both range and quality and together with our audio subsystem it is really premium feeling" - Husqvarna


The solution: TeamEngage Dynamic intercom module

Based on Husqvarnas vast knowledge of what is important for communication for the work teams, a deployment of the RTX TeamEngage Dynamic intercom module solution was selected. This enabled Husqvarna to create their own unique communication product that adapts to the workflow, either by segmented group communication within the team or simply by creating new networks. No designated base station nor any push to talk is required. The communication is there when needed as network is established ad-hoc applying to the communication rules defined by the team.


The impact: Efficiency and time saving

Working more efficiently and thus saving time has now become what to expect from any arborist or tree care professional using the Husqvarna X-Com Active communication and hearing protection headset system. Making it possible for workers to work in any outdoor environment with demanding conditions and keep the team talking with crystal clear audio until the job is done.