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RTX TeamEngage™ is an advanced team intercom solution for industries where reliable communication, despite environment, is paramount.

Increase team efficiency through reliable communication

Solving complex tasks or handling critical situations often depends on direct, clear, and reliable communication. TeamEngage™ is a wireless communication solution for scenarios where direct and reliable two-way communication or broadcasting of information is critical for getting the job done.

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Portable or fixed? A solution fitting your needs

By providing excellent audio and radio performance, the TeamEngage solution offers high-quality communication for both portable and fixed systems which also adds security for the individual. This means that TeamEngage fits your needs, whether your team is working within a confined geographical area or a wide area having the team split up.

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TeamEngage emerges as a breakthrough when compared to the team intercom systems available today

TeamEngage utilizes wideband audio per default and, compared to other solutions in the market, provides a much wider frequency range including frequencies from 50 to 7000Hz. This ability makes TeamEngage stand out as delivering outstanding voice clarity, even when operating in noisy and/or rugged environments.

Three deployment options: Dynamic, Singlecell, and Multicell

TeamEngage Dynamic is a self-establishing intercom system that works independently and without geographical boundaries. Teams can split up into smaller groups and establish their own communication groups ad hoc. This novel solution removes the challenges of two-way radios and traditional star topology networks, which requires the users to roam around fixed base stations.

RTX TeamEngage Deployment Options Dynamic

Three deployment options: Dynamic, Singlecell, and Multicell

For fixed geographical areas, the TeamEngage Singlecell solution provides group intercom solution for multiple users. The solution allows up to 14 or 15 simultaneous talkers (+ multiple listeners) depending on the chosen configuration. Additional users can optionally be assigned as listen only.

RTX TeamEngage Deployment Options Singlecell

Three deployment options: Dynamic, Singlecell, and Multicell

For larger coverage and more users, TeamEngage Multicell offers a group intercom solution with two or more base stations, where each base station supports the same number of talkers as the fixed Singlecell base station.

RTX TeamEngage Deployment Options Multicell

Key Features


For an extra layer of security, the TeamEngage solution adds an alarm feature that can notify all members of a team in case of an emergency. If an alarm is triggered by a user, it will automatically be propagated through users getting within range of each other, independent of user memberships.


Radio equalizer 

For improved operation in harsh reflective environments, the TeamEngage solution optionally features a patented radio equalizer. A diversity receiver technology specifically designed to reduce sensitivity to multipath radio reflections, thus improving signal robustness.

Audio mix

With the TeamEngage Single– and Multicell design, you are allowed full flexibility to mix the individual audio streams to meet your specific product needs.


Dual slot diversity

To maximize the link quality between TeamEngage Dynamic units, dual slot diversity is deployed. Dual slot diversity supports transferring of the same data on two different channels, and by choosing two channels away from each other in the spectrum, increases the stability of the solution. Besides dual slot diversity deployment, the solution takes advantage of antenna diversity offered in all RTX solutions.

Take your products to the next level with RTX wireless modules

We enable you to deliver the high-quality products your customers demand and expect by providing easy-to-integrate modules or turnkey product solutions.

Wireless Modules
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Base your solution on RTX communication modules

The TeamEngage solution is available on the RTX1090 module - a small form factor module designed for flexibility and durability to accommodate many different product implementations. So, whether the product is a belt pack, a safety helmet with built-in comms, or a headset, the RTX1090 module fits the user’s needs.

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