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RTX Solution Addressing High-stake Needs within Critical Communications

RTX intercom solution TeamEngage is revolutionizing critical communications by meeting high-stake requirements accommodating the wireless needs and empowering teams to communicate securely and efficiently.

The situation: A challenge to address high-stake communication demands

Within the market of critical communication and safety, there is a growing need for wireless devices to ensure mobility in dynamic environments. However, there exist stringent demands for communication products; reliability, robustness, and security, which have led to some reluctance to adopt wireless solutions.

The solution: A solution tailored for critical communications

RTX’s TeamEngage wireless intercom solution has thrived in the market. Initially embraced by major global corporations embedding TeamEngage technology into intercom products and systems within construction, industry, and sports, one segment remained cautiously traditional: critical communications. Over the past years, we have experienced a pull from this specific market segment, which has been ruled by cables for decades but is now embracing our wireless technology. Our solution offers robustness in the wireless link and incorporates different encryption methods and schemes, thus living up to the demands and requirements. 

Notably, our TeamEngage solution, featuring self-establishing networks, has gained significant traction among global critical communications customers. With the capacity for over 10 simultaneous full-duplex connections per cell/network and broadcast functionality for broader user reach, it caters to the diverse needs of our customers. Moreover, we collaborate closely with lead customers in this field, guiding our roadmap alongside RTX. Together, we ensure the continuous development of cutting-edge solutions for this short-range wireless communications segment.

The impact: Empowering dynamic teams and groups

A wireless solution is crucial for first responders, defense agencies, and emergency services, where reliable communication is a lifeline during crises, disasters, and public safety operations. There are numerous use cases where a team enters a location, splits up into new and smaller groups where communication is crucial, and then again re-unites into the original team. Our technology provides a seamless and automatic setup with no stationary base for these dynamic teams and groups, ensuring efficient communication in high-pressure situations. The TeamEngage solution is built into devices to ensure worker safety, efficient coordination, and to maintain operational readiness, especially in noisy or hazardous environments, addressing the stringent demands and high-stake needs within critical communications.