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Starting a new era in DJ'ing?

RTX has collaborated closely with the market leader, AlphaTheta Corporation, to create a professional wireless audio solution that makes DJ'ing portable and cable-free.

About AlphaTheta Corporation

AlphaTheta's DJ business began as a division of Pioneer Corporation in 1994 when it released the world’s first commercially available flat-top DJ CD player, the CDJ-500. Since then, it has been a market leader in the design and production of innovative DJ equipment and software. In 2024, the company introduced the brand AlphaTheta, which propels it into the future while maintaining the quality and innovation expected by its customers. AlphaTheta continues to evolve and create innovative products and services, strive for the development of the music industry and its culture, and take on new challenges. Its portfolio includes brands such as AlphaTheta, Pioneer DJ, rekordbox, KUVO, TORAIZ, and Pioneer PRO AUDIO. AlphaTheta Corporation is in the Noritsu Koki (TSE:7744) Group, headquartered in Yokohama, Japan, and is led by President and CEO, Yoshinori Kataoka

The situation: Unleashing high-quality sound anywhere, anytime

AlphaTheta’s ambition of empowering everyone to throw a DJ party anywhere, at any time, required full mobility and a wireless setup. At the same time, this mobility should be provided without compromising the high quality of sound and usability, that is always experienced by AlphaTheta’s customers when using their products. A wireless setup was required, supporting at least stereo playback with a subwoofer option and resilient radio link in the 2.4 GHz frequency band.

"We immediately recognized that the RTX Sheerlink wireless solution outperforms any other competing solutions due to the high audio quality, low latency, and robust radio link" - AlphaTheta


The solution: AlphaTheta and RTX create ‘SonicLink’

To accommodate the requirements, AlphaTheta and RTX joined forces and engineered a solution based on the RTX Sheerlink technology, to become the generic wireless solution for AlphaTheta to use across their product range. By this, AlphaTheta has been enabled to provide high-quality, multi-channel wireless audio transmission with minimal latency, bringing to life the wireless future of DJ’ing, which was realized as “SonicLink.”

The impact: A wireless DJ future

The first SonicLink-enabled product, the WAVE-EIGHT speaker, was announced at NAMM ’24 together with other exciting new products from AlphaTheta and gained immediate attention. Combined with the new AlphaTheta portable all-in-one DJ system, DJ’ing can now be truly portable and cable-free, thereby performed anywhere at any time. Some reviewers have even acknowledged that this could very well be the beginning of an era of cableless DJ’ing.