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RTX1090 DECT module

DECT module RTX1090

RTX1090 • Wireless communication module with multi-level modulation support

The DECT communication module is designed to enable HD audio and light data capabilities in our product solutions: TeamEngage™ and Sheerlink™.


General data

Physical characteristics:
15.4 x 21.6mm • Single-sided PCB assembly • LGA mounting
Supply range:
2.1V – 3.45V using normal operation • 3.1V – 3.45V using the Zero Blind Slot operation

Environmental conditions

Operating temperature range:
-20 °C to 60 °C
30-95%, non-condensing

Other technical specifications

Full list of technical specifications:
See Product Sheet

Module capabilities

The RTX1090 module supports Zero Blind Slot and multi-level modulation, which provides increased density and spectral efficiency resulting in even higher data rates than any previous DECT modules. An improved radio band pass filtering ensures no interference from out-of-band radio, therefore the module provides a very robust radio link.

The RTX1090 is power efficient and supports Ultra Low Energy (ULE), making the module an obvious choice for solutions requiring low power consumption. Furthermore, the very small form factor of RTX1090 makes very compact solutions possible.

Download Product Sheet

RTX1090 MLM DECT Module Product Sheet V006

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