RTX is a global company with +25 years of extensive experience and knowledge in designing and manufacturing advanced wireless short-range radio systems and products. Our heritage has provided us with a unique combination of software and hardware capabilities, which RTX leverages with globally recognized customers.

"RTX has a proven track record of profitable growth. Since 2014, we have grown revenues and earnings
with more than 10% annually on average and we believe we have a solid strategy in place for
generating further profitable revenue growth over the coming years”.
Peter Røpke, CEO

Our business model and strategy for profitable growth builds our unique core capabilities – Wireless Wisdom – which we deploy across multiple attractive B2B target markets via an ODM/OEM model. This model secures recurring revenue and increased resource scalability.

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Share Information

RTX A/S is listed on Nasdaq Copenhagen (ISIN DK0010267129). The shares have been listed since 2000. RTX’s share price and share data can be found via the following link: RTX Share Price

Major Investors

The following shareholders hold shares which either carry at least 5% of the voting rights of the share capital or have a nominal value of at least 5% of the share capital:


         Jens Hansen      I      Jens Toftgaard Petersen      I      Fundamental Invest        I       RTX A/S     

Analyst Coverage

Danske Bank’s research on RTX is commissioned and is available via Danske Bank: Link to analyst reports


Danske Bank


Poul Ernst Jessen




+45 45 12 80 48

Investor Relations Contacts

Morten Axel Petersen, CFO

Contact information

Email: ir@rtx.dk

Phone: +45 9632 2300

Address: Stroemmen 6, 9400 Noerresundby, Denmark 


Inquiries regarding shareholding and the stock register can be addressed to:
VP Securities A/S, Weidekampsgade 14, PO Box 4040, 2300 København S, Denmark
Phone: +45 4358 8888

Investor Relations Policy

It is RTX's objective to ensure that the stock market’s players receive a proper level of information for the purpose of creating a basis for fair pricing of the Company’s shares – a pricing which constantly reflects the Group’s strategy, financial ability and expectations for the future. The flow of information contributes to reducing the company-specific risk related to investments in the Company’s shares, so that the Group’s cost of capital can be reduced as much as possible.

It is RTX's policy that during meetings with investors and analysts or statements to the press, the Executive Management does not comment on the company’s future financial outlook.

The Group also uses its website as a tool for communicating with the stock market. The website contains further information about the Group and its business areas.