Investor Relations Policy

It is RTX's objective to ensure that the stock market’s players receive a proper level of information for the purpose of creating a basis for fair pricing of the Company’s shares – a pricing which constantly reflects the Group’s strategy, financial ability and expectations for the future. The flow of information contributes to reducing the company-specific risk related to investments in the Company’s shares, so that the Group’s cost of capital can be reduced as much as possible.

It is RTX's policy that during meetings with investors and analysts or statements to the press, the Executive Management does not comment on the company’s future financial outlook.

The Group also uses its website as a tool for communicating with the stock market. The website contains further information about the Group and its business areas.

Investor Relations Contacts

The main spokesman for RTX is CEO Peter Roepke. He has the overall responsibility of facilitating communication between the company and the financial market.

Financial analysts, shareholders, investors

Financial analysts, shareholders, investors and their advisers may address their enquiries to:

Investor Relations
Stroemmen 6
9400 Noerresundby

Phone: +45 9632 2300


Shareholding and the stock register

Enquiries regarding shareholding and the stock register can be addressed to:

VP Securities A/S
Weidekampsgade 14
PO Box 4040
2300 København S

Phone: +45 4358 8888