Financial Reports

Key Financials

See the five-year financial highlights here.

Outlook 2019/20

Statements on future conditions
The following statements on the Group's future conditions, including, in particular, future revenue and operating profit (EBITDA and EBIT), reflect Management's current outlook and carry some uncertainty. These statements can be affected by a number of risks and uncertainties, which mean that actual developments can be different from the indicated outlook. These risks and uncertainties include - but are not limited to - general business and economic conditions, dependence on partners, the time of delivery of components, and foreign exchange and interest rate fluctuations.


DKK million Result 2017/18 Result 2018/19 Outlook 2019/20
Revenue 475.3 560.3 620-650
EBITDA 83.1 100.2 105-120
EBIT 74.9 86.7 75-90


Long Term Financial Ambitions

The long-term revenue and earnings ambitions are based on constant currencies with the ambitions especially being sensitive to the USD/ DKK exchange rate. They are also based on the current macroeconomic and political environment, where major developments may also impact the ambitions. The ambitions are also based on stable raw material prices and supply chain performance and availability. Also, note that the long-term financial ambitions are until/ by the fiscal year 2021/22 and in the interim years growth rates and margins realized may vary from year to year.

Organic Revenue Growth

AVERAGE OF 13-16% P.A. UNTIL 2021/22

Based on our strategy of deploying our wireless wisdom in selected B2B target markets for growth via recurring revenues, and based on execution of existing and new framework agreements, it is the ambition of RTX to grow revenues organically by an average of 13-16% p.a. in the period up to and including the fiscal year 2021/22.


18-20% BY 2021/22

With our long-term revenue growth ambitions, and with the leverage effect on the scalability of our resources from increased recurring revenues, it is the ambition of RTX to achieve an EBITDA margin of 18-20% by the completion of the fiscal year 2021/22. This ambition reflects inclusion of the effect of the implementation of IFRS 16 regarding leasing.