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RTX Intercom at major sports events

Over the past years, RTX has collaborated closely with leading intercom manufacturers to develop top-tier intercom for live sports events.

The situation: Transmission at live major sports events is challenging

In the realm of live major sports events such as the Olympics and Formula One, there is no room for mistakes and dropouts in digital transmissions. When so many people are in proximity to a lot of electronic equipment it creates a congested RF space, complicating the transmission and reception of RF signals due to the spectrum being crowded. The presence of substantial steel and concrete in large stadiums also causes RF signal reflection, compromising RF reception quality. Navigating this demanding scenario calls for specialized intercom solutions tailored to meet these challenges.

The solution: Combined knowledge created a superior intercom product

RTX has in collaboration with leading global manufacturers created a technology enabling clear transmission in challenging environments. The development process required acknowledging the need to incorporate specialized equalization algorithms capable of effectively managing "bouncing signals" encountered in stadium environments. Additionally, by combining RTX RF knowledge, we successfully co-created superior products tailored to handle challenging scenarios. Through ongoing collaboration, we consistently enhance our technology, incorporating new features demanded by the ever-changing market.

The impact: A collaborative triumph in sports communication

In close collaboration with leading intercom manufacturers, RTX has developed top-tier intercom. The technology has contributed considerably to securing a supreme robust intercom solution for major sports events all around the globe, thereby enabling seamless communication during live events. The technology is utilized in different settings, ranging from major sports events on-shore and off-shore, as well as large live concerts with the world's leading artists.