Cloud Services by RTX
provides a full set of online widgets

The platform provides a full set of online widgets seamlessly integrating our DECT base stations, location gateways, DECT handsets, wired/wireless headsets, and repeaters into one cloud-based solution.

With the introduction of our new cloud-based service platform; Cloud Services by RTX, we offer an online tool with services for administration, deployment, monitoring, site management, and tracking of small, medium, and large enterprise DECT installations. The platform can be customized to your product portfolio including brand identity and will increase serviceability towards your customers.

Cloud-based service platform by RTX


Cloud Services by RTX makes it easier for you to offer business partners and end-customers faster and better support by meeting the challenges of deploying and administrating total solutions. A tailor-made online tool with modules bundled together in a user-friendly cloud-based solution, with a scalable license model for you to choose options for design, deployment, and management of enterprise systems.



  • Cloud-based deployment tool with integrated building
    materials and your DECT portfolio optimizing planning
    of sites prior to installations.
  • Monitor sites and keep them updated with the latest software releases.
  • Manage your customers, licenses & sites.
  • Diagnostic tools with trigger events for improved customer service.
  • Provisioning and remote management of devices.
  • Tracking handsets and Bluetooth™ devices.


Introduction to Cloud Services by RTX

Watch our video and get introduced to our cloud-based platform with services for administration, deployment, monitoring, site management, and tracking of small, medium, and large enterprise DECT installations.

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With our online service platform, we offer various widgets for you to add or choose as required.


In the Administration widget, you can manage licenses, access permissions, customer branding options, user group settings, create sites, support setup, and business partner access.



Easy monitoring of your installed system with the number of devices installed, firmware revisions, user groups, system settings, and system status.


A powerful online deployment tool allowing you to perform site planning. While simulating building environments, you can perform easy simulations of optimal base station coverage on multiple floor plans. This is based on real DECT product antenna performance and additionally, you can get information on RTX DECT tree calculations, generate site reports and use the output from this tool for monitoring, site management, and tracking.


With Site Management, you get a deeper insight into each site and an overall site-wide view of the performance. System health, error logs, system and base stations load, software updates, number of calls and users, quality of service, and return material authorization (RMA) allows you to service your customers on-line.


Real-time tracking and in-room location detection of DECT handsets and Bluetooth™ Low Energy devices, which enables monitor location timeline.


The Headset widget enables you to control and administer both wired and wireless headsets. Among others, this includes general headset and softphone configuration settings and enables handling of software updates.

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