Pioneers in the design and development of wireless communication products across a wide range of applications since 1993

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RTX is a global company with 25 years of extensive experience and knowledge of designing advanced wireless short-range radio systems and products. Our heritage has provided us with a unique combination of software and hardware capabilities through which RTX manages projects for globally recognized customers, from conceptualization to finished products and modules. At RTX, we develop, innovate and manufacture customized solutions, which provide effortless wireless communication for large corporations and people across the globe. Developing wireless products and solutions can be complex. At RTX, we pride ourselves on making products that are complex on the inside and look simple on the outside. 

RTX is well positioned in the market with a great mix of customer-financed development projects combined with internally-financed development projects., where ODM/OEM products or software are resold to several customers across the globe. We provide innovative and customized solutions to world-leading brands. 

Our Clients

Executive Management

Peter Røpke

Title: President & CEO

Born: 1966

Education: M.Sc. Electrical Engineering 1992

Joined RTX: 2016

Previous positions: CEO, Flügger A/S; Group Executive Vice President, Business & Technology Development, Grundfos Management A/S; Senior Vice President R&D, Devices, Nokia Corporation

Morten Axel Petersen

Title: CFO

Born: 1974

Education: M.Sc. Business Administration 1999

Joined RTX: 2019

Previous positions: Group Chief Finance & Strategy Officer, Bladt Industries A/S; CEO, PolyTech A/S; COO, Baltic Asiatic Holding; Consultant and Project Leader, Boston Consulting Group


Jens Christian Lindof

Title: CTO

Born: 1967

Education: M.Sc. Electrical Engineering (Telecommunication) 1991

Joined RTX: 2011

Previous positions: Engineering Manager, Anaren Inc; CEO, Innovative RF A/S; R&D Director, Texas Instruments Denmark; Technology Manager and Co-founder, ATL Research A/S

Peter Christensen

Title: Senior Vice President, CCO

Born: 1973

Education: Electronics Engineer; Bachelor Degree in Management

Joined RTX: 2001

Previous positions: Civilian Electronics Expert at FLIR for the Royal Danish Navy’s submarines, helicopters and ships. Peter has held previous positions in RTX as Project Manager, Product Owner and R&D Manager

Carsten Møller

Title: COO

Born: 1956

Education: B.Sc. Production Engineering

Joined RTX: 2019

Previous positions: Owner, Supply Chain Development Consultancy; Head of Supply Chain Development and other management positions at Bang & Olufsen A/S

Peter Jeggesen

Title: Vice President R&D

Born: 1970

Education: Computer Science (1998); Diploma in Organization and Strategy (2004)

Joined RTX: 2021

Previous positions: COO, Lyngsoe Systems; VP Software development, KMD; Senior Program Manager, Systematic

Board of Directors

Peter Thostrup


Title: Professional board member

Born: 1960

Education: M.Sc. Economics and Finance 1987; MBA 1986

Other directorships: Chairman of the Boards of Directors of Holmris B8 A/S, Linstol LLC and Power Stow A/S; Member of the Board of Directors of A/S Th. Wessel & Vett, Magasin du Nord.

Nationality: Danish

Elected since: 2009

Jesper Mailind

Deputy Chairman

Title: Professional board member

Born: 1956

Education: Graduate Diploma Business Administration 1982. MBA 1984

Other directorships: Member of the Boards of Directors of Sonion A/S, Etac AB and Leo Pharma A/S

Nationality: Danish

Elected 2009-2009 and since 2013

Ellen Andersen

Board Member

Title: Professional Board Member

Born: 1967

Education: M.Sc. in Business Administration, Strategy and Organization 2004. IT Development and Business Economy 1987

Other directorships: None

Nationality: Danish

Elected since: 2022

Katja Millard

Board Member

Title: Vice President, Professional Commercial Products, Motorola Solutions

Born: 1978

Education: CBA from AVT Business School 2007. International Trade and Marketing 2002

Other directorships: None

Nationality: Danish

Elected since: 2022

Lars Christian Tofft

Board Member

Title: Group CEO, Cell Tower Services

Born: 1966

Education: M.Sc. in Business Administration and Business Law,1990. Executive education at INSEAD, Colombia University and Boston University.

Other directorships: None

Nationality: Danish

Elected since: 2017

Henrik Schimmell

Board Member

Title: President, Radiometer

Born: 1962

Education: Ph.D. in Engineering, 1992. M.Sc. in Engineering, 1986.

Other directorships: Chairman of the boards of directors of HemoCue AB and several Radiometer subsidiaries.

Nationality: Danish

Elected since: 2019

Kevin Harritsø

Board Member (Employee Representative)

Title: Team Lead at RTX

Born: 1984

Education: M.Sc. Electrical Engineering 2009

Nationality: Danish

Elected since: 2019

Flemming Vendbjerg Andersen

Board Member (Employee Representative)

Title: Program Manager at RTX

Born: 1973

Education: M.Sc. Electrical Engineering 1999. Graduate Diploma Business Administration 2008

Nationality: Danish

Elected since: 2015

Kurt Heick Rasmussen

Board Member (Employee Representative)

Title: Program Manager at RTX

Born: 1974

Education: B.Sc. Electrical Engineering 2000. Graduate Diploma Business Administration 2009

Nationality: Danish

Elected since: 2015

Employee-elected Board Members

Every four years, the employees of the RTX Group elect three colleagues for membership of the company’s Board of Directors. They also function as deputies for the employee representatives in accordance with the Danish Public Companies Act.

The latest election was held on 17 January 2019 and the employee representatives on the company’s Board of Directors were from the company’s Annual General Meeting 25 January 2019, Kurt Heick Rasmussen, Flemming Vendbjerg Andersen and Kevin Harritsø.

RTX's Guidelines for Election of Employee Representatives to the Supervisory Board 

Purpose, Vision, Mission, Values


Helping people perform at their best

Wireless communication is an integral part of all our lives. It seamlessly helps us connect and communicate –in our work as well as in our spare time. RTX’s purpose is to help people perform at their best by providing our customers with the best possible wireless communications solutions.


To be the preferred partner for wireless technology solutions

We want to be at the forefront of wireless technology. In a world where technology brands feel the pressure from technology being commoditized at an ever-increasing speed, we are dedicated to earn the respect as the preferred partner for wireless technology solutions by applying our expert knowledge to the specific business challenges of each individual customer.


To help our customers make a difference in their markets

We want to be the company that can help technology brands make a difference in the market by optimizing wireless technology in their product portfolios.

Therefore, understanding the needs of our customers is at the very core of our approach to customer partnerships. Our vast experience within wireless technology and our end-to-end, ‘turn-key’ offering sets us apart from the competition, enabling us to deliver customized products and solutions with agility and high quality.


Commitment … to build long-lasting relationships

We are dedicated to building long-lasting customer relationships based on quality performance. As an organization and as employees, we take responsibility for creating value in every single step of the value chain and are willing to go the extra mile to deliver on our promises. We react proactively and efficiently to challenges as well as opportunities.

Ingenuity … to create the best solution for each customer

As engineers and developers, we have a natural curiosity and drive to explore, always looking for ways to improve products, solutions, and processes. We optimize based on past experiences and new insights to create the best possible solutions for each individual customer and the climate in mind.

Openness … to build trust and act with efficiency

We believe in partnerships based on trust. We are transparent in our actions and processes and respectful of people, cultures, and opinions. We act with integrity in everything we do.

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Matilde Kjær Christiansen, Coordinator Corporate Communications

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Phone: +45 9632 2342

Address: Stroemmen 6, 9400 Noerresundby, Denmark