Pioneers in the design & development of wireless communication products across a wide range of applications since 1993

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Over the years, our employees have accumulated a proven track record and built extensive know-how in designing advanced wireless solutions and products. We have more than 900 successful wireless projects for leading international brands.

RTX is the ideal and independent design partner. We are agile enough to quickly build innovative and advanced solutions, and we are able to design for mass production – delivering on quality, cost and timeline expectations. Our independency allows us to choose freely from the best components and partners when designing your solution. Our designs are developed in quantities ranging from a few hundred to millions of units. RTX delivers the entire development and production process for wireless solutions. We provide scalable, high-quality, low-cost production, design our own software protocols, and we control the entire process. We combine innovation at a high technical level with a low cost structure and a short time to market for VoIP solutions.

Engaging with RTX means partnering with RTX. We stick with our commitments and stand by our customers. We believe that success comes from extremely close cooperation with our customers. When the unforeseen happens, RTX will stay by your side and work through the challenges until the goal is reached. As a result of this commitment, more than 90% of our revenue comes from repeat customers.

Corporate Structure

The Group’s activities are organized in the following business:

Design Services, an R&D design partner of wireless solutions.

Business Communications, an ODM/OEM supplier of advanced IP telephony solutions for the Enterprise and SME market.

Each business unit has its own dedicated development department and focused sales and marketing function, as well as control of their supply chain. The products and components are primarily sourced from a selected number of partners and suppliers, with whom the RTX Group has a longstanding co-operation.

Executive Management

Peter Røpke

Title: President & CEO

Born: 1966

Education: M.Sc. Electrical Engineering 1992

Joined RTX: 2016

Previous positions: CEO, Flügger A/S; Group Executive Vice President, Business & Technology Development, Grundfos Management A/S; Senior Vice President R&D, Devices, Nokia Corporation

Kristian Frederiksen

Title: CFO

Born: 1981

Education: M.Sc. International Business 2007

Joined RTX: 2017

Previous positions: Finance & Operations Director, Novo Nordisk Netherlands; Head of Finance, Logistic, IT& Legal, Novo Nordisk South East Asia Vietnam; Senior Finance Partner, Novo Nordisk A/S

Jens Christian Lindof

Title: President of Design Services

Born: 1967

Education: M.Sc. Electrical Engineering (Telecommunication) 1991

Joined RTX: 2011

Previous positions: Engineering Manager, Anaren Inc, USA; CEO, Innovative RF A/S; R&D Director, Texas Instruments Denmark; Technology Manager and co-founder, ATL Research A/S.

Peter Christensen

Title: President of Business Communications

Born: 1973

Education: Electronics Engineer. Bachelor Degree in Management

Joined RTX: 2001

Previous positions: Civilian Electronics Expert at FLIR for the Royal Danish Navy’s submarines, helicopters and ships. Peter has held previous positions in RTX as Project Manager, Product Owner and R&D Manager.

Board of Directors

Peter Thostrup


Title: Professional board member

Born: 1960

Education: M.Sc. Economics and Finance 1987 and MBA 1986

Other directorships:

Chairman of the Board of Directors of HEATEX AB. Vice Chairman of the Boad of Directors of Linstol LLC. Member of the Board of Directors of Resources ApS

Nationality: Danish

Jesper Mailind

Deputy Chairman

Title: CEO, The LEO Foundation

Born: 1956

Education: Graduate Diploma Business Administration 1982 and MBA 1984

Other directorships:

Member of the Board of Directors of Sonion A/S and Etac AB.

Nationality: Danish

Jens Hansen

Board member

Title: Vice President of Strategic Technology of RTX A/S

Born: 1958

Education: M.Sc. Electrical Engineering 1984

Other directorships:

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Futarque A/S, Denmark

CEO of JH Venture ApS, Denmark

Nationality: Danish

Lars Christian Tofft

Board member

Title: Head of Global Sales and Commercial Management, Ericsson AB

Born: 1966

Education: M.Sc. Business Administration and Business Law 1990

Other directorships:

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ericsson Norway. Member of the Boards of Ericsson Denmark, Russia and Ukraine.

Nationality: Danish


Christian Engsted

Board member

Title: Professional board member

Born: 1963

Education: M.Sc. Finance 1992

Other directorships:

Chairman of the Board of Diretors of Stibo A/S. Member of the Board of Directors of Louis Poulsen Holding A/S.

Nationality: Danish

Rune Strøm Jensen

Board member (employee representative)

Title: Team Lead at RTX

Born: 1979

Education: M.Sc. Electrical Engineering 2004

Nationality: Danish

Flemming Vendbjerg Andersen

Board member (employee representative)

Title: Program Manager at RTX

Born: 1973

Education: M.Sc. Electrical Engineering 1999, Graduate Diploma Business Administration 2008

Nationality: Danish

Kurt Heick Rasmussen

Board member (employee representative)

Title: Program Manager at RTX

Born: 1974

Education: B.Sc. Electrical Engineering 2000, Graduate Diploma Business Administration 2009

Nationality: Danish

Vision, Mission, Values

RTX’s Vision

Our vision is that customized wireless solutions will lead the way – delivering adapted simplicity to users and market advantage to businesses.

RTX’s Mission

RTX’s mission is to enable global brands to freely innovate and launch targeted, unique wireless solutions by providing the specialist knowhow that makes it all possible – Wireless Wisdom.

RTX’s Values

When working with our customers, we believe that we earn long-term partnerships with our customers, because our experts are trustworthy and value-adding.

When working together, we believe that our teams are customer and goal oriented, because we work openly and efficiently with integrity and mutual respect in an informal environment.

When working individually, we believe that our colleagues are responsible and proud, because we experience high levels of competence, job satisfaction and enjoyment.