RTX is an innovative company in growth and we expect increased activities in development of customized wireless solutions over the coming years

Working at RTX

RTX is headquartered in Nørresundby and has offices in Hong Kong and USA. Most of our customers are global companies.

At RTX, project completion is a matter of honor. We stick with our customers, and we always see a project through to the end, however complex it may become. As a result of this commitment, our engineers have successfully completed hundreds of projects, and most of our customers return to us time and again.

The unique working environment provides a multitude of opportunities for challenging, visionary development projects and products in a global context. As a result, RTX has proved able to attract and retain the very best people currently working within our particular field of technology and product development. RTX values engaged and competent employees who contribute to a good working environment, and we endeavour to have both male and female candidates. RTX is hiring talented and ambitious engineers for development of wireless solutions.

We are an innovative company in growth and we expect increased activities in the development of customized wireless solutions over the coming years.

Get a look inside RTX, what we do, and meet our employees by reading our interactive brochure:

Brochure RTX


What We Do

Software Design

  • Cloud Computing
  • Embedded Systems
  • DSP Systems
  • IP Network Protocols
  • Wireless Protocols
  • PC Software
  • System Integration
  • Product Integration
  • System & Product Testing

Hardware Design

  • Radio Systems
  • Analog Electronic Systems
  • Digital Electronic Systems
  • Audio & Acoustics
  • Sensors
  • System Integration
  • Product Integration
  • Test Laboratories
  • Design for Manufacturing

Project and Program Management

  • Scope Management
  • PMI Certified
  • Administration, Planning & Reporting
  • Leadership - Scandinavian Model
  • Technical Engineering Background
  • System Understanding
  • Customer Relations & Communications
  • Portfolio Management
  • Personal Skills

Sourcing and Production

  • Product Life Cycle Management
  • Sourcing
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • EMS Handling

Who We Are Looking For

If you are a talented engineer with strong skills in embedded software, DSP, FPGA, Base Band electronics, RF design or Project Management and want the opportunity to use your skills on challenging and exciting development projects then RTX may have a job for you.

You have a master degree in engineering or computer science. Either you have substantial experience or you have newly graduated with excellent grades. You thrive in a hectic and dynamic environment where the activity level is high. You have excellent collaboration and communication skills. You have the drive and ambition to follow your talent to the fullest, and you have a strong desire to be among the best. You take pride in the quality of your work. You have the necessary discipline and overview to effectively manage your own tasks and coordinate with others in an environment characterized by freedom with responsibility.

What We Can Offer

We can offer an attractive informal working atmosphere in a highly-skilled and experienced team of developers.

We work with a range of wireless technologies such as DECT, proprietary 2G4 ISM-band, BTLE, LoRa, WiFi, UWB, additional proprietary radios, etc. We work with audio and DSP solutions for high-quality pro-audio products, where we work with low-latency solutions, audio codecs, analogue front-ends, filters, sample rate conversion, echo cancelling, noise cancelling, etc. We work with a range of different platforms such as ARM Cortex, Freescale Kinetis and IMX, ADI Blackfins, MIPS, CR16C with operating systems from small embedded RTOS systems to larger embedded Linux systems.

We create solutions from the concept definition and prototyping stage to production. We collaborate with customers and technology partners around the world. We innovate and develop not only today’s solutions but also the technology platforms and solutions for tomorrow.

Why Work For Us

Market position

RTX is a market-leading innovator in our field of wireless communications

Industry in growth

Wireless communication is an industry in growth and one that is developing fast

Solid and professional

We are a solid and professional company trusted by many multinational corporations

Ideal size

We are not a small company but we are not too big either

Good work/life balance

We have a good work/life balance and freedom with responsibility

Working in teams

We work in teams and work with colleagues with many years of experience 

Challenging work environment

Not two projects are the same and neither are our customers

Good career development possibilties

We strive to develop our talented engineers via our technical ladder

New and modern premises

We work in new and modern premises with very good facilities

Good place to live

Aalborg and the surrounding areas are a great place to live

The Recruitment Process

Send us your application

Even if we do not currently have any vacant positions that match your particular qualifications or future job interests, you are welcome to register in our job database. Please indicate what kind of position interests you.

Processing of applications

We treat all applications as strictly confidential and in accordance with legislation pertaining to the handling of personal data. Applications are processed as quickly as possible, often within one to two weeks.

Job database registration

If we do not have a vacant position that we feel matches your qualifications and ambitions, applicants may request to be added to our job database for a period of 6 months (applies for applicants to a job in Denmark). We make use of our job database, and always begin by searching the database whenever a vacancy is to be filled. However, you are still very welcome to apply for any advertised positions that you feel would match your qualifications and ambitions, even if you are already listed in our job database. You may, at any time, remove your details from our job database.

Invitation to an interview

If we have a vacant position relevant for you, we will invite you to an interview. A department manager and a staff member from the particular area typically conduct the interview. If you did not submit your qualifications along with your application, please bring them with you to the interview.


Once you have reached an agreement with RTX regarding your employment, you will receive a contract and a copy of our staff policy. After receiving your signed contract, we will make preparations for your term of employment.

Personal tutor

We place considerable emphasis on ensuring that you get off to a successful start in your new job. On your first day, you will be assigned to a company tutor, who is one of your future colleagues, working in your field and particular area. On your first day of work, you will take part in an introductory meeting, where you will be given general information about the company and its staff policy as well as about general procedures used within the company.