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Always connected with RTX Travel Kit

The opportunity to always be connected during calls with seamless handover between DECT and Bluetooth served in a compact exclusive design.

The situation: Maintaining portability when working remotely

In the modern workspace, working away from the traditional office desk is necessary during business travel and remote work. To work remotely does not always mean at home but can sometimes be taking a call while at the airport, or the train station. In other cases, continuing a call in the car can be necessary to finish up a meeting. In these situations, workers need a versatile headset solution that is compatible with long-time use during office hours and easily portable when on the move.

The solution: Connected to all your devices at the office or remote

The RTX Travel Kit is developed as a dedicated solution to solve modern requirements of full flexibility in the digital workspace. With the RTX Travel Kit, you are always connected. The headset can be connected to a desk phone via the headset base, PC, or USB dongle. To stay connected, the headset seamlessly transfers calls between Bluetooth and DECT, and between your devices.

The RTX Travel pouch comes equipped with an RTX DECT Dongle and USB cable that ensures an easy setup for the PC. To use the Bluetooth function, the headset can be connected to the cell phone device simultaneously with the PC. In the Travel pouch design, the USB DECT Dongle and USB charging cable are kept in a small separate compartment at the top. To accommodate the unique headset feature of changeable ear cushions the Travel Kit is designed to handle both types of ear cushions so the customer does not have to compromise with the preferred size.

The impact: Breaking down barriers ensuring portability and accessibility

The RTX Travel Kit solves the requirements of the modern worker to be fully connected in the digital workspace at the office, at home, and while traveling, by breaking down barriers so the worker always stays linked to their calls and devices. The practical design of the headset and the Travel Kit makes it easy to carry along with the laptop.