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RF Testers


Bluetooth Low Energy RF Tester

The RTX2254 RF test platform for Bluetooth Low Energy is an efficient, cost-effective RF tester for testing the typical key parameters of the receive and transmit paths in BLE products.

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RTX2012HS Left (1)

DECT RF Tester

The RTX2012 HS RF test platform for DECT/DECT 6.0/CAT-iq/Japan DECT supports a wide range of RF tests in connected mode (signalling mode) and is the second generation of CAT-iq RF testers on the market.

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The RTX2010 HS RF test platform for KDECT (Korean DECT) supports a wide range of RF tests in connected mode. Due to the high-performance measurement capability, it is especially designed for high-throughput manufacturing applications. Its extended measurement capabilities also make it a perfect tool in an R&D environment.

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RTX2201 Right

2.4 GHz RF Tester

The RTX2201 RF test platform for TDMA based solutions with proprietary protocols in the 2G4 frequency band enable users to perform RF performance measurements in signalling mode.

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Automatic Test Equipment


Automatic Test Equipment

The RTX2300 Smart ATE is a highly-competitive and cost/time-efficient test solution for functional test in the manufacturing of wireless devices.

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Audio Analyzer

The RTX6001 Audio Analyzer is a powerful tool for those involved in the design, production and/or test of audio products. The flexibility allows the RTX6001 to be used in a wide variety of product test, signal analysis and signal generation applications. The performance allows tests to the most stringent requirements.

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RTX2030 DECT AirSpy

DECT Protocol Over-Air Analyzer

The RTX2030 DECT AirSpy tool is a generic communication monitoring and analysis tool for DECT / DECT 6.0 / CAT-iq / Japan DECT applications.

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In-Circuit Emulators


Nexus ICE (In-Circuit Emulator)

The RTX2041 Nexus ICE (In-Circuit Emulator) is a universal debugging interface unit which enables development and verification departments to debug a number of core systems with limited effort.

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Wireless Modules

RTX41XX WiFi Module

Wi-Fi Modules

The RTX41xx series of small-form-factor, low-power, Wi-Fi modules facilitate fast and easy application development of low-power sensor and actuator solutions providing direct Internet connectivity to devices, machines and other systems.

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DECT CAT-iq Modules

The RTX1040 DECT CAT-iq module facilitates fast and easy implementation of DECT telephony service to different devices with the support of HD voice without having an extended knowledge of the DECT radio frequency technology.

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Wireless Dongles


DECT CAT-iq Dongles

The RTX3720 is a DECT CAT-iq base station on a USB dongle, which facilitates wireless capabilities to a wide range of applications that can benefit from the broad CAT-iq feature set. 

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