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We design and develop wireless audio solutions for the professional audio industry.


With over 25 years of experience, we have gained the
expertise to deliver incredible sound quality in high-density radio environments whether you are at home, in the studio, or on stage.



Product Solutions


By deploying an RTX solution you can focus on the implementation of your product signatures, without having to become an expert in radio technology. By choosing RTX as a technology or ODM partner, you gain technologies that are field-tested and proven by professionals. It enables you to tap into the present and future RTX radio and audio technologies.



The Sheerlink™ product solution sets a new standard for wireless music transmission, so artists and audio professionals together can create greater experiences. It provides wireless solutions for music instruments, microphones, speakers, and headphones/headsets.

Built around our Sheersound™ audio codec, Sheerlink enables superior audio quality while supporting both mono and stereo in high-definition audio. Sheerlink is offered for the 1.9GHz DECT and 2.4GHz frequency bands using the RTX1090 or RTX1290 communication modules.









The Next Step



Realize your product idea in mere minutes. To get a firsthand feeling of the audio quality, we can transcode (code and decode) your preferred audio reference files (WAV), allowing you to compare Sheersound processed audio with your original audio.

Furthermore, we can offer you evaluation kits for proof of concept of the radio and audio performance. Alternatively, try out one of our product demonstrators.

Please contact our sales team for testing and evaluation of our solutions.







Features and Benefits

Learn more features and benefits for microphones and stage product solutions in our Features and Benefits Sheet.


Multiple radio technologies

Our microphones and stage solutions are exploiting radio
technologies, such as 1.9GHz (DECT), 2.4GHz, 5GHz (ISM)
(including DFS channels), and D-UHF.


Signal chain optimized for live performance

We are experts in the full signal chain from analog/digital input to signal conditioning, wireless transmission, and audio output.


Low and predictable latency

When we are talking latency for our solutions it is not just over the air latency, but the total system latency from audio in on the transmitter to audio out on the receiver.


Supreme audio quality

The Sheersound codec is highly configurable to provide optimum performance. In contrary to other known codecs, it comes without license cost when signing up for one of our solutions.


Resilient radio

Intelligent frequency (re)selection is standard and with optional radio synchronization over the air or by wire, achievement of maximum density of units within a small area, such as a stage, is ensured.







Supporting Products and Solutions


Looking for a complete product solution? Supporting our microphones and stage solutions, we have a range of products that enables the development and realization of your customized professional audio products.



2.4GHz and 1.9GHz DECT audio modules


Testers and analyzers, and emulators