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 We design and develop wireless communication solutions for portable and installed intercom systems. Our solutions provide real-time communication with full-duplex audio and exceptional speech clarity.


We have optimized wireless technology to solve communication challenges in many different areas. All so that our customers can offer communication systems to industries, such as hospitality, industry, security, emergency, education, sport, and many others. 





Product Solutions


By deploying an RTX solution you can focus on the implementation of your product signatures, without having to become an expert in radio technology. By choosing RTX as a technology or ODM partner, you gain technologies that are field-tested and proven by professionals, and it enables you to tap into the present and future RTX radio and audio technologies.


RTX PartyLine

The RTX PartyLine product solution is a wireless group intercom system. A system where you can communicate with the group members via portable terminals connected to one or more base stations.

You can intuitively join the system and get access to a combination of point-to-point conversations and a number of audio groups (party lines) with multiple participants having full-duplex audio. The base station can be fixed installed or portable and battery operated. PartyLine is the solution of choice for you where real-time and clear communication is paramount.

PartyLine is offered for the 1.9GHz DECT frequency band using the RTX1090 communication module.







RTX TeamEngage

The RTX TeamEngage product solution is an advanced self-establishing team intercom system. A system providing full-duplex audio for all active members of the team. The solution provides communication amongst you and your team members independently of a designated base station and geographical boundaries.

With TeamEngage, all team members act as mobile stations and can split up into smaller groups establishing your own communication ad hoc. This means you are always able to maintain real-time communication - within the whole team or in smaller groups as you move in and out of radio range from each other. TeamEngage is the solution of choice for you where clear communication and freedom of movement are paramount.

TeamEngage is offered for the 1.9GHz DECT frequency band using the RTX1090 communication module.









The Next Step



Realize your product idea in mere minutes. 
To get a firsthand feeling of your future intercom solution, we can offer you evaluation kits for proof of concept of the radio and audio performance.

Please contact our sales team for testing and evaluation of our solutions.







Features and Benefits


Learn more features and benefits for intercom product solutions in our Features and Benefits Sheet.


Perfectly optimized signal chain

Our 25 years+ of DECT experience enables us to optimize the entire signal chain and ensure the optimum utilization of the radio and audio processing, at minimal power consumption, in all our solutions.


Best in class speech intelligibility

Our solutions are optimized for voice applications, and we go to great lengths to ensure speech intelligibility by deploying our continuously improved audio signal processing and microphone techniques.


Deployment and maintenance

As both deployment and maintenance of a system are essential for an intercom solution, we offer specialized deployment tools and interfaces for maintenance and control, e.g. TR-069 and TR-196.

Scalability and compatibility

Whether your installation requires one or more duplex connections, the digital system can easily be deployed and expanded according to your needs including 3rd party integrations, such as Dante, Ravenna, and AES67.


Resilient radio

For improved coexistence with other interfering radios or blocking from close-to-body radio deployment, our solutions take advantage of channel and antenna diversity.


Our intercom solutions support data encryption, such as AES128 and AES256, ensuring the optimum security of your wireless connection.







Supporting Products and Solutions


Looking for a complete product solution? Supporting our intercom solutions, we have a range of products that enables the development and realization of your customized professional audio products.



2.4GHz and 1.9GHz DECT audio modules


Testers and analyzers, and emulators