We design and develop wireless gaming solutions for the gaming and e-sport industry. Irrespective of what the gaming motives may be, we deliver leading-edge technology that satisfies the needs from the casual gaming enthusiast to the professional gamer.


Working with the leading gaming peripheral brands in the industry, we are providing the underlying wireless technology that provides superior audio quality in gaming headsets as well as ultra-low latency for gaming mice, controllers, and keyboards.



Product Solutions


By deploying an RTX gaming solution you can focus on the implementation of your product signatures, without having to become an expert in radio technology. By choosing RTX as a technology or ODM partner, you gain performance leading technologies that are field-tested and proven by professionals, and it enables you to tap into the present and future RTX radio and audio technologies.


RTX Gaming

The RTX gaming product solutions include the possibility of a single wireless small-form-factor USB dongle which offers ultra-low latency and can be placed in either a gaming console or PC for the operation of the wireless solution in the gaming peripherals. The solutions enhance the gaming experience through robust management of common sources of interference.

They are offered for 2.4GHz ISM frequency bands providing the option of tight integration with co-existing Bluetooth radios, and headset solutions are available for 1.9GHz frequency bands as well. Our gaming solutions provide a flexible framework with the option to deploy one or more Human Interface Device(s) (HID) with or without audio capabilities. 









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To get a firsthand feeling of your future gaming solution, we can offer you evaluation kits for proof of concept of the radio and audio performance.

Please contact our sales team for testing and evaluation of our solutions.







Features and Benefits


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Fast readings and ultra-low latency

Our solution supports update rates of up to 2kHz for HID devices. The total system latency is 10 ms or lower depending on the configuration. This covers audio from analog audio into the USB dongle to receipt in the headset - less than half of any comparable solution on the market today.


High-quality audio

Supported by Sheersound™ - a proprietary audio codec which is specifically developed for ultra-low latency wireless transmission of high-quality audio. The standard solution provides support for equalization and background noise elimination.


Radio resilience

We offer an adaptive radio which is resilient to typical sources of interference and with ultra-fast link recovery - it operates in the 2.4GHz frequency band and will expand to the 5.8GHz frequency band in the future.


Concurrent connections

Our solution provides concurrent operation of keyboards, mice, and controllers with audio-centric devices, such as wireless gaming headsets, microphones, and speakers.


Antenna and channel diversity

Our efficient channel selection methodology along with the ability to support antenna and channel diversity, continually monitor the radio spectrum and mitigate interference by having the ability to quickly switch to the best channel without any interruption in the gaming experience.


Power efficiency

Not only do we offer twice the audio bandwidth and half the latency of any equivalent chip/platform for gaming peripherals in the marketplace today, but we do it at half the power consumption.







Supporting Products and Solutions


Looking for a complete product solution? Supporting our gaming solutions, we have a range of products that enables the development and realization of your customized professional audio products.



2.4GHz and 1.9GHz DECT audio modules


Testers and analyzers, and emulators