Sheersound™ Codec

When transmitting high-quality audio over a wireless link, it is often beneficial to code the audio signal in order to occupy less radio spectrum. Therefore, RTX has developed  Sheersound, a supreme and unique audio codec (Coder/Decoder). It is specifically designed for wireless transfer of live audio signals with extremely low latency and the highest possible audio quality. The codec provides excellent audio compression with 20 µs latency with full Hi-Fi bandwidths and beyond. Sheersound is available on a range of DSP architectures from leading IC providers and is a perfect match with wireless radios due to built-in error resilience.

Product examples

Gaming and Hi-Fi

Hard-core computer game players require very low delays of game audio to stay competitive and fully immersed in the game play. Virtual Reality gaming further adds to this requirements. RTX pushes the limit of technology and provide better audio quality and lower delays than any other Hi-Fi audio processing codec available today.

Professional audio

Low delay is a key factor in professional audio, especially when it comes to live concerts where the band has to play as a whole. The Sheersound codec pushes the limit of low delay audio which is perfect for real-time scenarios such as live concerts.

Features and benefits

Transmission channel awareness

Sheersound is clever. Built-in transmission channel awareness ensures the optimum performance under any conditions and makes it excellent for wireless applications. Professional sound engineering requires very low signal delays to allow time for effects and processing.

Ultra-low latency

The Sheersound codec is specifically designed for wireless transfer of live audio signals with extremely low latency and highest possible audio quality. The latency can get all the way down to 20 µs!

Excellent audio perception

By applying psychoacoustic properties from the human hearing to advanced digital signal processing, Sheersound delivers excellent audio perception. Performance parameters are configurable – use it out of the box or choose and tailor your own.


Sheersound can be configured for a wide range of sample and coding rates, which makes it very flexible and can be adapted to many wireless protocols.

Available technologies

Sample-by-sample encoding

Sheersound belongs to a class of coders known as non-block-based, which effectively gives it the lowest possible algorithmic delay of only one sample, which is 20 us at 48 KHz sample rate.

Channel error resilience

Sheersound has built-in transmission channel error resilience, making it an excellent fit for wireless applications

Implementation options

Sheersound is available on a variety of off-the-shelf platforms today, such as:
• Tensilica LX4 / HiFi-3 (Dialog DA14195 / DA14495)
• Analog Devices Blackfin ADSP-BF592
• Texas Instrument C54
• x86
• Fixed / floating point C

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