SHEERLINK™ Product Solutions

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The SheerlinkTM product solutions set a new standard for wireless music transmission and include solutions for wireless instruments, microphones, speakers and headphones/headsets.

Audio quality and a resilient radio have been key for the Sheerlink product solution family.

Built around the SheersoundTM audio codec from RTX, Sheerlink enables superior audio quality while supporting either mono or stereo in high-definition audio.

Sheerlink applications


The Sheerlink product solutions are offered for the 1.9 GHz and 2.4GHz frequency bands using the RTX1090 or RTX1290 modules. Both capable of offering superior radio resilience with the  Sheerlink software.

Signing up for a Sheerlink product solution will include recommended designs for analog/digital circuitry and antennas plus optional additional support packages, giving customers the freedom and flexibility to get products to market within a very short time frame.

To get firsthand experience on achievable sound quality let us transcode your favorite reference tune allowing you to compare the Sheerlink transmitted sound with the original or sign up for evaluating a solution.

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Sheerlink Product Information Sheet