RTX aims to be the preferred partner for the design, development and production of advanced wireless communication products

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Financial year

1 Oct - 30 Sep

Share Information

RTX A/S is a publicly listed company. Its shares have been since June 2000 listed on the Nasdaq Copenhagen A/S (ISIN DK0010267129).

RTX's share prices and data can be found on the following link: Interactive Share Price

Major Investors

The following shareholders hold shares which either carry at least 5% of the voting rights of the share capital or have a nominal value of at least 5% of the share capital:

Jens Hansen


Jens Toftgaard Petersen


FI stock pick and related FI stock pick II acc.




Extraordinary General Meeting for 2016-17

RTX's Extraordinary General Meeting for 2016-17 will take place at RTX's address: Stroemmen 6, 9400 Noerresundby, Denmark on Tuesday 27 February 2018 at 14:00.

The agenda and complete list of proposals can be downloaded below:

RTX EGM for 2016-17 Complete Agenda and Proposals


Admission cards

Here you can request an admission card(s) for RTX's Extraordinary General Meeting for 2016-17:

Request an admission card

via InvestorPortal (login using Nem-ID and/or VP-ID)

Appointment of proxy

In case you are unable to participate in RTX's Extraordinary General Meeting on 27 February 2018, you have the possibility of appointing a proxy to the Supervisory Board or to a third party to vote on your behalf at the General Meeting.

No later than 23 February 2018 you also have the possibility to issue a power of attorney with instruction to the Supervisory Board on how to execute voting at the General Meeting.

Appointment of proxy for Extraordinary General Meeting

via InvestorPortal (login using Nem-ID and/or VP-ID)


In this section you can download forms in connection with RTX's Extraordinary General Meeting. For information about latest submission date etc. please refer to the forms.

Registration Form

Proxy Form

Vote by Correspondence