To ensure transparency, RTX complies with the recommendations on Corporate Governance

Financial Calendar

RTX expects to announce financial reports and to hold its Annual General Meeting on the following dates:

Annual report for 2017/18

November 27, 2018

Annual General Meeting

24 January,  2019

Interim report Q1 2018/19

January 24,  2019

Interim report Q2 2018/19

May 2,  2019

Interim report Q3 2018-19

August 27,  2019

Annual report for 2018/19

November 26,  2019

Articles of Association

RTX's Articles of association are as follows:

RTX's Articles of Association

Recommendations on Corporate Governance

In 2013 the Danish Committee on Corporate Governance made a revision of its Principles of Corporate Governance. In November 2014, the Committee on Corporate Governance published its revised Recommendations on Corporate Governance and the Danish Stock Exchange has incorporated these recommendations in its Rules for Issuers of Shares. The revised Recommendations on Corporate Governance of November 2014 are available at:

The recommendations are aimed at Danish companies whose shares are admitted to trading on a regulated market, as such companies have chosen to be publicly traded companies. For shareholders and other stakeholders to be able to assess the circumstances in publicly traded companies, transparency is important. 

Pursuant to the rules above, companies must therefore adopt the recommendations based on the ‘comply-or-explain’ principle and prepare an annual report stating which recommendations they have complied with and which they have chosen to deviate from and why. RTX's supervisory board has prepared their statutory annual reports and they are available for download below:

Tax Policy

It is the policy of RTX to be a responsible tax payer and contribute to the community RTX participates in.

RTX's Tax Policy

Remuneration Policy

RTX's current remuneration policy was adopted at the Annual General Meeting on 28 January 2009 and modified at the Annual General Meeting on 31 January 2014.

Employee-elected Board Members

Every four years, the employees of the RTX Group elect three colleagues for membership of the company’s Board of Directors. They also function as deputies for the employee representatives in accordance with the Danish Public Companies Act.

The latest election was held on 17 January 2019 and the employee representatives on the company’s Board of Directors were from the company’s Annual General Meeting 25 January 2019, Kurt Heick Rasmussen, Flemming Vendbjerg Andersen and Kevin Harritsø.

RTX's Guidelines for Election of Employee Representatives to the Supervisory Board