VoIP ODM Systems

Being one of the leading IP-DECT manufacturers, we have extensive knowledge in both wireless and TCP/IP technologies. Having designed and used the wireless and wired technologies for more than 10 years, we can offer you products with state-of-the art features and interoperability.

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System components


We offer multiple ODM and OEM handsets from entry-level to IP65 and Android models.

Base stations

Offerings consist of both multi-cell and single cell solutions for small, medium and large installations requiring wireless mobility.


In places where coverage extension only is required, the repeaters from RTX do the job for both single-cell and multi-cell deployments.


When people need to have their hands free for other stuff, the multi-cell headset is a perfect partner, as it allows easy access to calls while being able to use both hands.

Features and benefits

High audio quality

Crisp and clear audio using a range of audio codecs - depending on user needs and system capacity

Noise cancellation

Our products provide noise cancellation using directional microphones, powerful DSP solutions and/or multiple microphones.

Excellent coverage

Excellent coverage of typically 300 m outdoor line-of-light and 50 m indoor range are common for most DECT products. RTX ensures with our unique RF engineering skills that your product goes a bit further and into more complex environment such as cruise lines, complex warehouses or other areas with complex radio patterns. 

Multi-region usage

Our DECT range of handsets are optimized to work on all available DECT radio channels and frequencies in the world. For our customers this brings down inventory levels when one product can be sold in all DECT regions. Reducing the number of carton boxes and stock keeping units helps our customers to achieve their targets.

Robust design

DECT technology combined with ruggedized product design is a perfect combination for tough work environments

Available technologies


As one of the leading DECT/2G4 design houses in the world. We provide unmatched solutions for any product using DECT/2G4 Technologies. Having extensive knowledge of DECT/2G4 we can provide any specialized solutions for your unique wireless products using DECT/2G4.


We provide reliable and easy-to-use Wi-Fi solutions. We have years of experience with the technology and have provided countless product including Wi-Fi.


As one of the first companies to developed Bluetooth solutions, we consider ourselves as experts within the field. We have been providing solutions since Bluetooth 1.1 back in 2002 and have developed solutions until now, which also includes Bluetooth low energy solutions.


We provide custom solutions tailored to your application to allow very precise location detection - for personal safety critical applications or asset tracking.