RTX Headset Series


We offer a series of entry-level, mid-end and high-end wired headsets, and high-end wireless professional headsets
 for small, medium, and large enterprise environments.




RTX Wireless Headset Series


The RTX series of Wireless Headsets
is high-end headsets and base station,
with an appealing design and full functionality.


The headsets are combined DECT
and Bluetooth and can connect to
both the DECT base station and a mobile phone.


The design of the headset and base station
is unique, and include, among other design elements,
a headset boom arm with a multi-color LED
for call status indication.


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RTX Wired Headsets


The wired RTX Headsets has combined
industry-leading engineering with New Nordic Design.


An extraordinary new line of professional headsets 
that are intelligent, excel in comfort, elegantly designed,
and made from premium lightweight materials.


We offer entry-level, mid-end, and
high-end mono- and stereo in wired headsets.


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RTX Wireless Headset Series


A Unique Design

The design of the headset and base station is unique, and includes, among other design elements, a headset boom arm with a multi-color LED for call status indication. The base station is designed with a large display for call control, status information, and configuration of the headset, and has room for spare battery charging and a configurable deskphone interface. The cushions are replaceable, and both on-ear and over-ear cushions are available. Audio tuning will automatically adapt to the selected cushion on the ANC headset.




Three variants

Mono, Stereo and Stereo ANC

The headset series is available in three variants: mono (RTX7251), stereo (RTX7252), and stereo ANC (RTX7254). The Hybrid-ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) performance of the Stereo ANC Headset is superior. Combined with the advanced RTX ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation) solution to suppress unwanted environmental noise for microphone input, the total perceived audio experience will be exceptional for the user.






  • Wireless DECT and Bluetooth headset series
  • Charging on base station and via USB-C cable
  • Step C security level
  • Base station interface: DHSG, RJ9, RJ12, RJ45, USB
  • Multi-color LED status light located on the microphone boom arm – including busy-light
  • Support of Super Wide Band (CELT48)
  • Supports ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation)
  • Advanced Hybrid-ANC (4 mics. solution)
  • Full integration of headset and base station into RTX VoIP multicell and dual cell systems
  • Up to 20 hours talk time and 100 hours standby time





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RTX Wired Headsets


Three options to choose from

Entry-level, mid-end, or high-end

We offer various headset options for you to choose from based on your requirements for the design and materials. RTX Wired Headset exists in two entry-level options, one mid-end, and one high-end all offered in stereo and mono. In addition, we have a convertible mono option for you as well. Each option is available with a range of features making each headset the perfect fit for your specific use case. 

Entry-level Headsets
RTX7111 Mono and RTX7112 Stereo



Entry-level Headsets
RTX7113 Mono and RTX7114 Stereo



Mid-end Headsets
RTX7133 Mono and RTX7134 Stereo



High-end Headsets
RTX7143 Mono and RTX7144 Stereo


Two variants

Mono or stereo

The wired headset is available in two types of designs; mono and stereo. The soft ear pads and unique materials give each design supreme comfort and a secure fit throughout the day - choose the model to suit any work style.


The RTX Mono Headset model is made in an elegant design, with only one earpiece. The benefit of this model is, that the user can be aware of what going on around them, and they are saving time not needing to take the headset on when a call is coming.  


The RTX Stereo Headset model is designed in premium lightweight materials, with two earpieces. The benefit of this model is, that the user is not disturbed by background noise, thus providing a full focus on the audio in the headset.  




A selection of basic features - depending on the choice of either entry-level, mid-end, and high-end model, other additional features are included.


  • Wideband audio
  • Noise-cancelling microphone
  • DSP assisted echo & noise cancellation (USB only)
  • Flexible headband for optimum fit
  • Bendable boom arm
  • Acoustic shock protection
  • Optimized for multimedia and communications
  • Call control unit for simple call handling





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Headsets as a part of RTX's integration solutions

The wireless headsets and base are part of the RTX integration solution. This solution enables handover between the headset and RTX multicell or Dual cell VoIP System, and allows calls from VoIP and PC (Softphone) on the headset base station and VoIP system. The user will experience a seamless handover between the systems resulting in more range and flexibility.



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Features and benefits

High audio quality

Crisp and clear audio using a range of audio codecs - depending on user needs and system capacity. The headsets automatically adapt the audio quality and presets depending on whether you are listening to music or having a call. In addition, the use of ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) and ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation) ensures the total perceived audio experience is exceptional for the user.


Multi-device connectivity

With the wireless headsets you have the option to connect up to 4 headsets to 1 base station. This means that 1 person can answer the call while a supervisor or technical expert can listen on the call and support as necessary to optimize the service for a customer. This is also an ideal feature for training new employees.

Intelligent design

The RTX series of Wired- and Wireless Headsets are designed with an appealing design and full functionality.

Connect your smartphone

Both the Wireless headset and the high-end wired headsets have Bluetooth connectivity, meaning you can connect your Smartphone to the headset so that both your PC and Smartphone are connected to the same headset. This increases usage of the headsets and provides full flexibility for the end-user.

PC tool

With our PC tool you can easily configure the headsets and update firmware. The PC Tool also ensures that the connection between the headset and your softphone (e.g. MS Teams) works optimally. Lastly our PC tool is easy to modify for ODM/OEM use, meaning that you can easily customize the PC tool to look like your design and with your own logo.

Lightweight materials

Only the best quality is good enough for our headsets. Materials like stainless steel, quality plastics, and Korean PU leather makes the headsets both strong, lightweight, and comfortable.