Professional wireless audio product design and development

Mics and Stage

The professional audio industry is constantly searching for robust wireless transmission links that can transfer high-resolution audio signals at super-low latency. Recent frequency regulations have driven professional systems towards digital modulation schemes and open ISM bands putting them in competition for spectrum against widely used technologies and applications such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth®. To develop high-performance systems that can deliver perfect sound in these environments, you need Wireless Wisdom.

With years of experience in ProAudio design, development and manufacturing, RTX has gained the expertise to deliver incredible sound quality in high-density RF environments whether they are in the home, the studio or challenging radio environments having high inter-symbol interference.

If you need ProAudio having low latency, robust links for difficult radio environments, spectrum-efficient high audio quality, long radio range and/or low-power consumption – we have the expertise you need, and with the RTX Sheerlink product solution, we provide a unique fast track into ProAudio.


We have already created ProAudio transmission systems for many of the world’s leading brands. We can help you too.

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Product examples


Digital wireless microphones - for stage performance, public addressing, conferences, houses of worship and gaming


Digital audio transmission from instruments - built-in or as accessory microphones

Headsets and in-ear monitors

Fixed & super-low-latency audio transmission - ensuring you will never miss a beat


Digital wireless audio transmission to speakers - eliminating the hassle of running audio cables

Features and benefits

Multiple audio codecs

RTX has vast experience applying audio codecs such as the standard G.7xx codecs, BV32, mSBC, SBC, Opus, Celt, Apt-X, Apt-X Live as well our own ultra-low-latency, high-quality audio codec Sheersound

Full signal chain experts

Experts in the full signal chain from analog / digital input, signal conditioning and wireless transmission technology

Low and predictable latency

Digital wireless transmission with on-air latency below 2ms – including encoding/decoding, transmission, and retransmission if needed.

Excellent audio quality

Superb audio quality - true 24 bit / 48 KHz stereo audio and downwards

Low power consumption

Low-power and optimized DSP achitectures with flexible clock gating and adaptive power control guarantees best-in-class operation time

Long wireless range

Excellent RF range - solutions for multiple frequency bands such as 1.9 GHz, 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands and Digital UHF

Interference avoidance

23 years of experience designing interference avoidance radio solutions

Predictable capacity

Extensive experience with TDMA systems with fixed time slots gives predictable capacity per cell

Available technologies

DECT (1.9 GHz)

Due to regulations, DECT is virtually interference-free, and RTX is the world leader in the use of this frequency band for high-quality audio solutions.

Proprietary ISM band (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz)

Multiple platforms for license-free bands - from 100's of kbps to 100's of Mbps with frequency agility and excellent robustness

Proprietary licensed bands

RTX has vast experience developing wireless solutions for a range of licensed bands - from 490 kHz to 6 GHz.

Special requirements radio

Custom wireless radio design to fulfill the most stringent requirements in regards to range, power, size, speed, latency and security


Supporting tools and products

In addition to our design services for the development of your customized ProAudio product, we offer a range of semi-customized and standard tools and products to support your development - for example: