Wireless intercom product design and development


High-quality wireless intercom systems provide reliable low-latency communication in a range of situations from production facilities, construction sites and shopping malls to stadiums and military installations. All these situations require robust, power-efficient and reliable intercom systems. The underlying technologies and specifications can be very different. RTX has the expertise you need to ensure your intercom system performs as do your customers.

Using our in-house developed IP and protocols to eliminate the effects of multi-path fading and interference, we have helped many companies get their intercom products to market successfully across a wide range of protocols and frequencies from 400 MHz to 5.8 GHz.

From initial idea to large-scale production and delivery, we can design, customize and/or build your wireless intercom system to combine high-quality sound with a reliability that’s second-to-none, even in challenging environments.

We spend the effort needed to really understand the application and the use cases. With more than 10 years in Intercom, we posess deep application knowledge and with our customers we will clarify the rest.

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Product examples

Party-line intercom systems

Team communication with up to 10 simultaneous audio connections and hundreds of listeners on broadcast channels

Matrix intercom systems

Complex multi-cell intercoms with remote base stations connected to a central audio matrix

Access control systems

Wireless voice and video from the door to the apartment

Conferencing systems

Reliable wireless conferencing systems for boardrooms, conferences and educational use

Features and benefits

High audio quality

Crisp and clear audio using a range of audio codecs - depending on user needs and system capacity

Interference avoidance

Fully-standardized "Listen Before Talk" procedure guarantees performance

Long radio range

Excellent coverage of typically 300 m outdoors (Line-of-Sight) and 50 meters indoors

Low power consumption

Low-power and optimized HW achitectures with flexible and adaptive power control guarantees best-in-class operation time

Predictable capacity

Our technology brings you predictable capacity through dedicated TDMA / FDMA design - you will know exactly what can be expected from our design.

Robust and light-weight design

Ruggedized HW design for ultra-reliable, portable devices

Available technologies

DECT (1.9 GHz)

Utilizing the license-free but reserved 1.9 GHz band gives you virtually interference-free and high-capacity, predictable wireless operation.

Proprietary ISM band (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz)

We have a long track record designing systems for license-free bands, but using a dedicated transmission technology that brings performance unmatched by standard technologies.


Bluetooth technology is often used by us as an add-on technology to give easy access to commercially available headsets or body area network for safety-critical applications such as first responder intercom.


Supporting tools and products

In addition to our design services for the development of your customized Intercom product, we offer a range of semi-customized and standard tools and products to support your development - for example: