Wireless industrial & IoT product design & development

Industrial & IoT

As industries implement Industry 4.0 (smart factory) processes to improve up-time, reliability and efficiency as well as asset and personnel tracking, they are increasingly turning to real-time monitoring and control systems to secure better performance, higher throughput and reduced maintenance costs.

RTX has the expertise to help you develop and manufacture the ideal solution by vast experience within wireless product integration. With many years of experience in miniature hardware design, we have custom-made a broad range of devices for low latency, highly reliable, low-power and secure wireless data transmission to control, monitor and meter industrial, home and healthcare applications.

RTX provides solutions for industrial, automation and healthcare equipment for secure and reliable control, data capture and data provisioning into either existing or new infrastructures as well as indoor positioning systems. 

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Product examples

Sensors and data acquisition

Interfacing to a wide range of sensor technologies such as pressure, humidity, temperature etc. combined with a wide range of wireless choices


Wireless control of a wide range of actuators such as motors, valves, lights etc.

Dedicated wireless networks

RTX has built dedicated industrial networks with unique properties such as sub-ms latency, long range (up to 10 km), high capacity (nodes/m²) or low power (uA). This is achieved through custom-built data aggregators and gateways interfacing to a broad range of wireless sensors and backhaul technologies.

Bluetooth indoor positioning

RTX’s Bluetooth indoor positioning beacon (transmitter and receiver) with directional antenna arrays, provides an improved beacon performance by concentrating the RF energy in specific, SW controlled directions.

The advantages are easier installation as beacon signal can be pointed in, or received from, specific directions for improved location precision. Furthermore, the configuration is simplified through centralized management. Typical use cases are discreet location “trigger” points such as door openings or hallways or even direction of motion for personnel and asset tracking. Besides dedicated products, the RTX beacon can also work with any Bluetooth Smart enabled Smart phone.

Features and benefits

Secure communication and data integrity

End-to-end security by design - ensuring safe and secure communication without sacrificing ease of use

Power efficiency

Full focus on every aspect of hardware and software power consumption brings the longest possible battery operation time

Synchronous and time-stamped transmission

Dedicated and custom built radio and protocols allow fully synchronous data capture simultaneously from a large number of sensors. Typical use cases are e.g. vibration analysis of large mechanical structures and propagation of seismic and sound waves.

Fixed low latency

Data transmissions are done at a fixed low latency - tailored to the application requirements for speed and power consumption.

Rugged design

Through ID and mechanical design partners, RTX offers complete ruggedized enclosures.

Ingress protection (water and dust resistency)

IP-classified mechanical designs can be offered - to resist water and dust.

Intrinsically safe

ATEX approved designs for use in high-risk areas like power plants, chemical factories etc. to meet the toughest requirements


By implementing solutions directly on the radio silicon, RTX can offer advanced solutions in very small physical footprint.

Available technologies


Utilizing the license-free but reserved 1.9 GHz band gives you virtually interference-free and high-capacity, predictable wireless operation with less than 10 ms system latency.

Proprietary ISM

Proprietary RF platforms built on standard silicon such as Wi-Fi but with RTX's own, ultra-low latency and high-reliability protocol on top

Bluetooth & Bluetooth low energy (BLE)

Bluetooth & Bluetooth low energy (BLE) are often used as an add-on technology to easily interface to commercial off-the-shelf sensors.


Standard Wi-Fi with enterprise-grade encryption for both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz allow easy integration into existing infrastructures

Ultra-Wide Band (UWB)

We use Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) radio technology in the 3.4 – 6.5 GHz frequency bands to provide precise indoor and outdoor 3D locations with a precision better than 0.5m. We also use UWB technology when there is a demand for highly reliable wireless transfer of shorter data packets by providing both the node as well as the infrastructure.

Long-range radio

Licensed and license-free RF technology enables private, secure wireless networks for example an entire warehouse or production plant - replacing cable solutions


Supporting tools and products

In addition to our design services for the development of your customized Industrial and IoT product, we offer a range of semi-customized and standard tools and products to support your development - for example: