High-performance gaming reference design platform


Professional gamers know that one of the keys to achieving a win or a new high score is through the low latency. Having a high-speed Internet connection or a high-caliber PC designed for online gaming will not in and of itself reduce latency. Knowing that ‘ping is king’ for gaming enthusiasts, RTX has developed a high-performance gaming reference design platform which nearly eliminates latency.

Imagine being able to achieve latency as low as 0.5 ms for the operation of wireless keyboards, mice and gaming headsets concurrently. This is now a reality. RTX has designed a single wireless, small-form-factor, USB dongle which can be placed in either a gaming console or PC. This dongle provides wireless freedom from previously tethered devices and limited USB sockets. Furthermore, it enhances the gaming experience through robust management of common sources of interference.

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Product examples

Human interface devices

RTX developed a new RF protocol stack from the ground up based on a decade of experience in developing products for the pro-audio market and interleaved therein support for an ultra-fast update rate specifically for HID.

Gaming headsets

RTX developed a new RF protocol stack from the ground up based on a decade of experience in developing products for the proaudio market. Our protocol offers ultra-low latency audio transmission of high-definition audio.

Features and benefits

For gaming professionals who demand ‘being at the top of their game’ at all times, the RTX high-performance gaming platform can certainly help in taking you to the next level with the following features and benefits.

Ultra-low latency

Update rate of 0.5 ms for HID devices. The total audio system latency from analog audio into the USB dongle to receipt in the headset is under 10 ms, less than half that of any comparable platform on the market today.

High-quality audio

Support for Sheersound, a proprietary protocol which was specifically developed for transmitting high-quality audio over a wireless link.

Concurrent connections

Concurrent operation of keyboards and mice with audio-centric devices such as wireless gaming headsets, microphones, and speakers.

Radio robustness

Adaptive radio, resilient to typical sources of interference, operational in the 1.9 Ghz, 2.4 GHz, and in near future the 5.8 Ghz bands.

Power efficiency

Twice the audio bandwidth and half the latency of any equivalent chip/platform for gaming accessories in the marketplace today at half the power consumption.

Fast link recovery

Guaranteed packet loss recovery within a single sample (less than 10 ms) if SNR recovers from a deep RF fade.

Available technologies


Sheersound is our proprietary audio codec specifically developed for transmitting high-quality audio over a wireless link with super-low latency by applying sample-by-sample encoding. It is a fine-tuned version of this protocol which is used in our high-performance gaming reference design platform.

Rapid product development

The high-performance gaming reference platform is available today and is comprised of a form factor Hardware and Software Development Kit that enables access to programming elements embedded within the Platform.

Audio-compression engine

The high-performance gaming reference platform is comprised of a single, sample delay, audio-compression engine. When coupled with the Sheersound proprietary RF radio protocol developed by RTX, which is based on years of experience in the pro-audio space, the platform offers a stereo 24 bit / 48 Khz channel and a 24 bit / 24 Khz microphone input in the uplink, all while maintaining an update rate of 1 Khz for concurrently operating mice and keyboards. This is a game-changing upgrade and establishes a new benchmark of performance for gamers worldwide.

Other attributes

  • 5-band equalizer and dual microphone input (for subtraction of background noise) 
  • 166 MHz ARM M0 core that is completely at the disposal of the end customer
  • 266 MHz Tensilica DSP that is partially available for select signal processing functions
  • Less than 50% component count comparable to wireless headsets today
  • Over-the-air firmware updates
  • Program code booted from an external Flash device enabling flexible feature additions
  • Integrated LED drivers
  • 10-bit ADC for optional MEMS sensors
  • Full schematics, gerbers, sample code, documentation and training materials.

Supporting tools and products

In addition to our design services for the development of your customized ProAudio product, we offer a range of semi-customized and standard tools and products to support your development - for example: