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DECT Module - The RTX1090 have been created with the objective to support use cases for professional and semi-professional audio devices like microphones, instruments and intercom systems. The RTX1090 introduces Multi-Level Modulation radio providing enhanced bit rates compared to previous modules as well as improved filtering securing extreme immunity to out-of-band radio interference, thus providing a very robust radio link.

Optionally using the RTX Sheersound codec and having hardware support for AES128/256 encryption, RTX1090 delivers not only unprecedented DECT audio performance but also high security.

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RTX1070 & RTX1071

DECT Module - RTX1070 & RTX1071 are designed for easy integration of wireless transmission of audio, video and general data into products. It incorporates Zero Blind Slot which greatly improves immunity to interference while doubling the number of simultaneous active connections. This provides an increased capacity compared to previous DECT modules. The modules are all you need to enable your product with wireless transmission of audio, video and general data.

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DECT Module - RTX1040 facilitates fast and easy implementation of DECT telephony service to different devices with the support of HD voice without having an extended knowledge of the DECT radio frequency technology.

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