RTX has combined industry-leading engineering with New Nordic Design. The result is an extraordinary new line of professional headsets that are intelligent, excel in comfort, are elegantly designed and made from premium lightweight materials.

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Headset types

Wireless Headsets

Wireless Wisdom is in our blood so we present to you a series of elegant and high-end wireless professional headsets for a wireless workplace. The range includes mono- and stereo headsets with base stations.

Corded Headsets

We offer a full range of corded headset products for small, medium and large enterprise environments. We offer entry-level, mid-range and high-end mono- and stereo headsets.


Features and benefits

High audio quality

Crisp and clear audio using a range of audio codecs - depending on user needs and system capacity. The headsets automatically adapts the audio quality and presets depending on whether you are listening to music or having a call.

Multi-device connectivity

With the wireless headsets you have the option to connect up to 4 headsets to 1 base. This means that 1 person can answer the call while a supervisor or technical expert can listen on the call and support as necessary to optimize the service for the customer. This is also an ideal feature for training new employees.

Intelligent design

The mid- and high-end headsets are equipped with touch interfaces where you can answer calls, mute, switch music and adjust the volume with the stroke of a finger. Additionally each headset is equipped with a proximity sensor that measures if the headset is on your head so that it can automatically answer a call.

Connect your smartphone

The high-end wired headsets have Bluetooth connectivity, meaning that you can connect your Smartphone to the headset so that both your PC and Smartphone are connected to the same headset.

PC tool

With our PC tool you can easily configure our headsets and update firmware. The PC Tool also ensures that the connection between the headset and your softphone (e.g. Skype for Business) works optimally. Lastly our PC tool is easy to modify for ODM/OEM use, meaning that you can easily customize the PC tool to look like your design and with your logo.

Lightweight materials

Only the best quality is good enough for our headsets. Materials like stainless steel, quality plastics and Korean PU leather makes the headsets both strong, lightweight and comfortable.

Use cases

Use cases may include but not be limited to:

  • Offices
  • Call centers
  • Support centers
  • Hospitals and care centers
  • Hotels and resorts
  • Cruise liners
  • Factories and warehouses

Available technologies


As one of the leading DECT/2G4 design houses in the world, we provide unmatched solutions for any product using DECT/2G4 technologies. Having extensive knowledge of DECT/2G4 we can provide any specialized solution for your unique wireless products using DECT/2G4.


As one of the first companies to develop Bluetooth solutions, we consider ourselves as experts within the field. We have been providing solutions since Bluetooth 1.1 back in 2002 and have developed solutions until now, which also includes Bluetooth low energy solutions.

Wideband audio

To ensure the best audio experience our headsets are using wideband audio which gives both depth and clear voices.

Noise reduction technology

We have implemented a wide range of noise cancelling microphone technologies. All the headsets offer DSP assisted echo and passive noise reduction. The high-end headsets are further improved with dual microphone noise cancellation for optimum sound.

Acoustic shock protection

To further improve the audio experience we have implemented active filters to prevent acoustic shocks.