Professional wireless IP-DECT telephony for PBX systems


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Hong Kong, Denmark, China

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Who We Are

More and more people are using wireless products to talk and work on the go. Whether you want to develop a unique wireless enterprise solution or need to produce a single standard product, RTX has the technology and expertise to make it happen with a short time to market.

As an expert provider of wireless solutions to the telecom industry, we have profound knowledge of integrated enterprise solutions and VoIP systems for business, from large multinational offices to hotels, warehouses and small retail shops. Since pioneering the first digital cordless telephony roll-out in Europe using the DECT standard, which was later adopted in America and Japan, we have developed hundreds of unique products for our customers that combine excellent RF performance with crisp and clear audio and an intuitive user experience.

We have offered PABX integrated cordless solutions for many years and have a unique platform for integrating our system into complete solutions. We have worked with a long list of PBX operators and our portfolio covers a wide range, from single base and generic handsets to systems with several thousand simultaneous users and high-end user-specific Android-based terminals.

We can deliver finished standard products or design and develop custom systems for specific applications, users and environments, including HD-quality enterprise solutions and VoIP systems with seamless handover, audio encryption, alarm response and built-in messaging.

Our Clients

Why Choose Us

Design for manufacture

Our valuable experience in bringing designs into production sets us apart from some of the other design houses out there.

Market-leading innovation

Through own R&D innovation programs, we stay ahead of competition in bringing innovative solutions to the market.

Suite of intellectual property

The knowledge, IP and platforms in our toolbox will jumpstart your project and make it successful - on budget and on time.

Loyal and professional

Our customers tend to come back for their next project. We see that as a sign of satisfaction and trust in us. 

Holistic overview

We spend the effort needed to understand your domain area. The more we know about the strong points of you and your product, the better we can guide and make choices.

Knowledge and focus

Being founded in the geographical area where radio communication started with maritime radios in the 1960's, and where Bluetooth was later founded, wireless communication is in our DNA.

Scale and flexibility

As a medium sized company having 100 engineers with many years of experience dedicated to wireless technology, our size allows us to be both innovative and flexible.

Proven track record

Our list of customers is long, and we have completed more than 900 wireless projects.

How We Add Value

By gaining an in depth understanding of the customers' application

We take the time it takes to investigate and truly apprehend what the product is supposed to do. Often not only initially but also in a second or third generation, so the design is best possible prepared for a long lifetime.

By finding the best fit within the given time restraints

The trade-off among features, cost and time to market is often a tricky one. We have both a vast amount in experience that can help our customers finding the best fit, and also an agile approach which adds a lot of flexibility

By ensuring complete alignment between all parties regarding cost and deadlines

Our program managers create a detailed Statement of Work (SoW) based upon a Product Requirement Specification and the outlined commercial terms. The SoW ensures a well-documented and thereby well-aligned approach throughout the project.

By using our profound system overview capability

Our system architects always take a step back to look at the overall requirements before devising an overall solution architecture instead of just using brute force against a problem.

Our Value Chain

Specification and Design

We start by converting your requirements and user needs into a Product Requirement Specification. Our engineering teams then design a solution that includes mechanics, hardware and software as required. Combined with our list of patented solutions and in-house developed protocols, we ensure you get a compelling result.

Development and Integration

Following agile development practices, we develop prototypes to evaluate system performance in-house. We integrate each design on a system level so that every component and sub-system works perfectly, and evaluate performance against test cases for the fully integrated system.

Testing and Certification

Based on years of experience, our in-house pretest services reduce your time to market and lower approval and certification costs. If desired, we can also handle the full type approval service for you.

Production and Supply Chain Management

Using a well-established network of ISO9001, SO14001, ISO13485, TS16949 and AS9100 certified manufacturers, we guarantee a production through the whole product life-cycle.


Our Areas of Expertise

Program and Project Management

  • Scope management
  • PMI certified
  • Administration, planning and reporting
  • Leadership - Scandinavian model
  • Technical engineering background
  • System understanding
  • Customer relations and communications
  • Portfolio management
  • Personal skills

Software Design

  • Embedded systems
  • Android / Linux systems
  • VoIP solutions
  • DSP systems
  • IP network protocols
  • Wireless protocols
  • System integration
  • Product integration
  • System and product testing

Hardware Design

  • Radio systems
  • Analog electronic systems
  • Digital electronic systems
  • Audio and acoustics
  • Sensors
  • IECEx devices
  • System integration
  • Product integration
  • Design for manufacturing

Mechanical Design

  • Mechanical 3D design
  • In-house, fast 3D prototyping
  • Design for high-volume manufacturing
  • Mechanical tool process management
  • Design for tough environments
  • Optimized production flow

Sourcing and Production

  • Product life cycle management
  • Sourcing
  • Rapid PCB and product prototyping
  • EMS handling

Quality Assurance

  • ISO 9001
  • Environmental product qualification
  • Factory inspection and audits
  • QA / QC quality plans
  • Vendor quality management
  • Parts inspection
  • Out-of-box inspection

Our Management Team

Peter Christensen

Title: President and Head of Business Communications

Born: 1973

Education: Electronics Engineer. Bachelor Degree in Management

Joined RTX: 2001


Erik Pedersen

Title: Director of Engineering

Born: 1960

Education: BSc Electrical Engineering 1986

Joined RTX: 2001

Jens Nielsen

Title: Business Director - Large Enterprise

Born: 1970

Education: Electronics Technician (Digital baseband & software) 1995 

Joined RTX: 1994

Rune Strøm Jensen

Title: Business Director - Small & Medium Enterprise

Born: 1979

Education: M.Sc. Electrical Engineering 2004

Joined RTX: 2004

Jacob Niels Andersen

Title: Business Director - Headset

Born: 1966

Education: BSc Economics & Business

Joined RTX: 2018