Production test equipment


We offer to take your wireless product safely into production

RTX offers different solutions of production test equipment to ensure a fast and cost saving product launch.

We have years of experience in developing and manufacturing test equipment for functional test in the production of electronics in Europe and Asia in particular.


With more than 100 different products in wireless technologies, RTX is one of the leading producers of test equipment in technologies such as DECT US/EU, Bluetooth, 2.4GHz / 5.8GHz ISM, CDMA, TD-SCDMA, GSM/GPRS and NMT.


Production test equipment and services

Based on a product specification and in cooperation with the customer, RTX can define and combine the set of parameters necessary to ensure an optimal production process and products of high quality.


Typical cases and test parametres includes:

DC Power accuracy

Frequency accuracy

Radiated output power

Radio communication sensivity

Battery charging test

Peripheral test


Typical products

RTX has developed production test equipment for a wide range of products within wireless technologies, for example:


Cordless phones

Mobile phones

Car alarms

Wireless headsets

Music distribution systems

Telephone line extender


Gaming console

Home meetering devices

Medical products


Why Choose our production test equipment?

Custom tailored and generic test equipment

RTX test equipment consists of standard instruments which are interchangeable to any instruments equipped with a standard IEEE 488 communication interface.


Our test fixtures are all prepared with insertable bed of nails for easy switch over to another type of product or for second source component production. This also means that the most test equipment parts can be re-used in your future production. Or put differently, your investment in a RTX production test system is a long term investment.

Test and quality workshop

All production test equipments from RTX have been carefully tested prior to shipment. A dedicated and independent group of engineers will review both hardware and software of the test equipments. This is to ensure the most optimal running conditions before the they are put into use.


RTX production test equipments are therefore also very dependable in operation and a production yield in a level up to 99% is not unusual.  

Test system software architecture

The control test software used in the test system is based on windows® OS and with the integrated Ethernet interface, it can be easily implemented into the existing IT configuration at the CM site.


Another significant detail is the implemented VPN secured remote control software package which enables the customer to monitor the production on-line via the internet. Being able to debug the results from a domestic location, is also a very feasible feature during ramp-up.


Need more information on the production test equipment?

If you need further information regarding production test equipment, please download the brochure below or contact sales on email or on Tel. +45 9632 2300.



Download brochure, 456KB (.pdf)




The RTX DECT/CAT-iq USB Dongle is a complete DECT / DECT 6.0 / CAT-iq 2.0 “Micro Basestation” , which allows Gateway Manufacturers and Operators to add cordless HD voice services to new or installed Gateway equipment, bringing new, differentiated services that enhance the end-user experience.


Download product sheet and whitepaper