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Product Types

Enterprise & VoIP offers a wide range of products for OEMs, ODMs and distributors. The product range includes both cordless telephones, accessories and DECT Repeaters.


You can get more information about each product type by clicking on them.


Cordless VoIP systems

VoIP Phones - superior audio

We have been developing cordless VoIP phones since 2004 based on SIP and VoIP and can supply USB VoIP phones or embedded VoIP phones that make it possible to make VoIP calls without a PC.


Cordless PBX handsets

PBX Communication Devices

Unique design PBX communication devices with speaker phones.


Skype phone

Skype Phone

DUALphone 4088 Skype phone - no PC required


Wireless Phone Jack

Add an extra telephone jack wherever you need one!

Just plug in the power outlet and telephone connection and talk wireless within a minute.


DECT repeater

DECT Repeaters

Intended for use in residential, business and public DECT applications based on the GAP profile.